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Xi stresses poverty relief for old revolutionary base areas

[2015-02-17 07:25]

President Xi Jinping wants to end poverty in old revolutionary base areas and improve local people's standard of living.

Chinese leaders extend festival wishes to predecessors

[2015-02-17 07:07]

Chinese President Xi Jinping and other leaders of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the state extended festival greetings to their predecessors as the Spring Festival draws near.

Chinese FM to chair UNSC open debate

[2015-02-16 19:41]

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi will preside over an open debate for the UN Security Council on Feb. 23 in the capacity of the council's rotating president.

Top political advisory body official expelled from Party, office

[2015-02-16 13:11]

Su Rong is suspected of taking taking bribes and selling positions, becoming the latest senior figure to fall in a deepening anti-corruption campaign.

Some put profit before people

[2015-02-16 07:59]

Yunnan province, with its soaring mountains, primeval forests and pristine rivers, makes an unlikely backdrop to China's anti-graft campaign.

Party officials held accountable for work style violations

[2015-02-16 09:39]

The Communist Party of China (CPC)'s anti-graft watchdog exposed cases in which Party officials were held accountable for failing to stop graft or other disciplinary violations in their work units on Sunday.

Li gives residents keys to 'new life'

[2015-02-16 08:23]

Premier Li fulfills promise to provide decent homes for former occupants of shantytown.

China's reform starts 2015 strongly

[2015-02-16 07:33]

In the midst of an adjusting economy and various domestic challenges, China has vigorously advanced its grand, but arduous, reform plans in 2015.

Officials punished for violating frugality rules

[2015-02-16 07:14]

Three officials with the Shanghai Futures Exchange have been punished for violating frugality regulations of the Communist Party of China during a foreign trip.

Police to receive better pay, benefits

[2015-02-16 05:31]

More than 2 million police officers are expected to get higher pay and better benefits in recognition of the pressures and risks of the job.

Xi passes on greetings for the new year

[2015-02-16 04:34]

Xi Jinping continued his visit in Shaanxi over the weekend, heading to the city where his father set up a base for guerrilla and greeting people in Xi'an ahead of Chinese New Year.

Premier Li stresses agricultural modernization

[2015-02-15 20:25]

Modernizing agriculture, according to Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, is urgent for stable growth and sustainable development.

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