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China mulls revision of maritime safety law

[2017-02-15 09:22]

China is considering revisions to the 1984 Maritime Traffic Safety Law to prioritize searches for survivors over searches for property.

China calls for protection of infrastructure

[2017-02-15 07:33]

China called on Monday for international cooperation to protect against terrorist attacks on infrastructure in countries along the Belt and Road Initiative.

Chinese official pledges safe development of nuclear energy

[2017-02-15 08:30]

A Chinese atomic energy official said the country will fine tune its nuclear energy safety standards, develop its emergency response system and improve the management of spent fuel.

Eliminate special privileges, Xi tells officials

[2017-02-15 07:30]

President Xi Jinping told leading officials on Monday to practice strict self-discipline and eliminate special privileges, in the latest move to govern the Party strictly.

Credit data may reflect efforts to curb risk

[2017-02-15 07:30]

Key credit figures released by the central bank on Tuesday reflect Beijing's intention to keep prudent monetary policy, with little likelihood of further easing, to better fend off financial risks, analysts said.

Experts urge expansion of legal aid to cover all defendants

[2017-02-15 08:14]

Lawyers and legal experts are calling on the government to expand the provision of legal aid to a larger number of defendants and provide better funding to encourage more lawyers to accept criminal defense cases.

Inspection teams dispatched to check on migrant workers' wages

[2017-02-14 12:41]

The State Council has sent teams to inspect why some migrant workers are experiencing delays in wage payment, according to a news release on Monday night.

China orders medical security campaign following malpractice-caused HIV infections

[2017-02-14 09:08]

China's health authority has ordered a nationwide medical security campaign following five incidents of HIV transmission due to staff negligence at a hospital in the eastern province of Zhejiang.

Medical services, surrogacy among hot issues raised

[2017-02-14 07:46]

Ministries and departments responded to a series of concerns from the public last week, including the improvement of medical services, the banning of surrogacy and work safety.

Farmland and chemicals under spotlight to boost supply

[2017-02-14 07:46]

The quality of agricultural goods will be improved by increasing the acreage of well-facilitated farmland, with irrigation facilities and adequate harvest equipment, and strictly limiting the use of chemicals.

Trademark law set for major shakeup

[2017-02-14 07:46]

If you were setting up a business in China, you might think that names such as "Harry Potter", "007" or "MacKFC", would be fantastic for new products or services, and you would probably be thrilled to discover that they haven't been registered as trademarks.

Official's website failings targeted

[2017-02-14 07:46]

Dong Haifeng, a top official with the Danzhou bureau of commerce in Hainan province, has been punished for negligence after failing to update the bureau's official website.

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