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China says no deal on sovereignty and territory

[2014-02-28 22:18]

China said on Friday that it will never trade off its sovereignty and territory.

China wants explanation of Japan nuclear stockpile

[2014-02-28 21:10]

A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Friday that China still wants Japan to explain its nuclear stockpile to the world.

China, Vietnam launch anti-drug operation on border

[2014-02-28 21:07]

Police forces from China and Vietnam launched a joint anti-drug operation along their shared border Friday.

Supreme court allows online petitions

[2014-02-28 20:54]

The Supreme People's Court (SPC) has opened its official online petition reception platform in a bid to make civilians' petition procedures more convenient.

China's offical bribe takers imprisoned

[2014-02-28 20:39]

Three cases of Party members buying and selling offices were revealed by the Communist Party of China (CPC) on Friday.

US biggest violator of non-Americans' human rights: report

[2014-02-28 17:25]

The Untied States is the world's biggest violator of human rights of non-American persons and has been strongly condemned for conducting surveillance and prisoner torture around the globe, a report on US human rights said Friday.

China grills US in human rights report

[2014-02-28 17:07]

The US government made "arbitrary attacks and irresponsible remarks" on almost 200 countries and regions, says China's 15th such annual report.

Full text of Human Rights Record of US in 2013

[2014-02-28 17:02]

The State Council Information Office of the People's Republic of China published a report titled "Human Rights Record of the United States in 2013" on Friday.

Key issues to watch at 'two sessions'

[2014-02-28 16:47]

China's lawmakers and political advisors are set to gather in Beijing next week for the annual two sessions to discuss the country's social and economic policies.

Japan's relaxation of arms exports harms peace

[2014-02-28 16:31]

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is itching to ease his country's weapons export restrictions, a move poised to intensify regional mistrust and escalate international conflicts.

Abe's comments 'wrong and dangerous'

[2014-02-28 16:10]

The world should be cautious against Japan's attempt to break its peaceful constitution and the potential threat to regional peace, Chinese experts warned.

Death sentence for corrupt Party boss

[2014-02-28 14:39]

Disgraced former Guangdong Party bigwig Zhou Zhenhong was sentenced to death with two years' reprieve on Friday for taking bribes.

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