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Xi: Zero tolerance on election fraud

[2016-03-09 03:10]

President Xi Jinping vowed to show "zero tolerance" toward election fraud when he joined a panel discussion of lawmakers from Hunan province.

China calls for better protection of cultural relics

[2016-03-09 03:42]

The State Council, China's Cabinet, called for better protection for the nation's cultural relics and stronger law enforcement in an instruction published Tuesday.

Freedom of navigation 'no right to muddy waters'

[2016-03-09 03:15]

Shipping lanes in the South China Sea are among the safest and freest in the world, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Tuesday, emphasizing that freedom of navigation "does not give some countries the right to do whatever they want".

China clamps down on illegal, harmful publications

[2016-03-08 20:47]

The government has launched an eight-month crackdown on the creation, sale and dissemination of illegal and harmful children's publications.

China not to fully relax family planning policy: official

[2016-03-08 17:08]

There are no plans for a complete relaxation for China's family planning policy, a top health official said.

National health minister Li Bin faces the press

[2016-03-08 16:37]

Li Bin, minister of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, takes questions during a news conference on the sidelines of the two sessions in Beijing on Tuesday.

China watchful of Japan's activities in South China Sea

[2016-03-07 21:30]

A Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Monday that China is paying close attention to Japan's moves in the South China Sea.

Chinese central government to continue financial support for Tibet

[2016-03-07 20:06]

China will continue to roll out preferential financial policies to boost economic and social development in Tibet over the next five years, according to financial authorities on Monday.

China to improve government websites for disabled people

[2016-03-07 20:09]

China is looking to improve its government websites to meet the demands of the disabled people, a circular issued jointly by China Disabled Persons' Federation (CDPF) and the Office of the Central Leading Group for Cyberspace Affairs said on Monday.

China to boost express delivery service: postal chief

[2016-03-06 23:52]

China will improve the express delivery service in quality and efficiency in the next five years.

Graft busters discipline nearly 300,000 officials in 2015

[2016-03-06 17:40]

Graft busters administered disciplinary penalties to nearly 300,000 officials last year, according to the top discipline watchdog of the Communist Party of China (CPC).

Video: Being an NPC deputy

[2016-03-06 14:23]

Video: Being an NPC deputy

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