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PLA tightens rules for its personnel

[2015-10-14 06:48]

Chinese military personnel may join only registered clubs, and are banned from participation in nongovernmental organizations based overseas unless assigned to do so, according to a recent management rule adopted by the People's Liberation Army.

New rule rewards finders of lost property

[2015-10-14 06:43]

People handing in lost property they find in Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong province, are being awarded 10 percent of its value under a landmark new regulation enacted by the city.

Xi: Global reforms in urgent need

[2015-10-14 06:41]

China's top leaders have broken with tradition by holding a study session to discuss global governance.

China concludes integrated armed forces drills

[2015-10-13 19:05]

A three-day military drill featuring coordination between China's army, air force and missile troops concluded on Tuesday in a plateau area in the northwestern Qinghai Province.

Poverty relief high on China's 2016-2020 gov't agenda: official

[2015-10-13 18:28]

Poverty alleviation will be a major task in China's 2016-2020 development plan, an official said at a press conference ahead of the 23rd International Day for the Eradication of Poverty on Saturday, which also marked China's second National Poverty Relief Day.

Trial of former Hainan vice governor accused of bribery opens

[2015-10-13 15:49]

The trial of former vice governor of China's southern-most Hainan Province, Ji Wenlin, on bribery charges began on Tuesday in North China's Tianjin Municipality.

Anti-graft in military relocates more vehicles to borderland

[2015-10-13 14:26]

The Chinese military has relocated more vehicles in the anti-graft campaign to border areas, a sign that the campaign is helping troops improve their fighting capability.

The right connections will no longer protect students

[2015-10-13 09:10]

As the People's Liberation Army has had some of the world's top weapons, it is also pursuing top talent and has begun to raise the threshold for professionals, PLA Daily reported.

FM offers help for crisis in Syria

[2015-10-13 07:43]

Foreign Minister Wang Yi called for greater efforts in tackling the current humanitarian crisis in Syria, saying China will continue to offer help.

Hope seen for progress in dialogue with Japan

[2015-10-13 07:43]

Analysts have voiced hopes for progress in resolving remaining issues as China and Japan prepare to co-host the second China-Japan High-Level Political Dialogue in Tokyo on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Revised Party rules target misbehavior

[2015-10-13 06:51]

China's three-year-long anti-graft campaign has produced an important institutional change in the internal management of the ruling Communist Party of China, according to its top leaders.

Disgraced security chief 's allies imprisoned

[2015-10-13 06:42]

Two allies of disgraced former security chief Zhou Yongkang were imprisoned on Monday after being found guilty of corruption.

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