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China, Uzbekistan to strengthen military ties

[2013-09-22 13:49]

China and Uzbekistan on Sunday agreed to further strengthen military-to-military cooperation as the two defense ministers held talks on bilateral ties.

Bo accepts bribes worth 20.44m yuan: verdict

[2013-09-22 11:55]

Bo Xilai has been found guilty of accepting bribes worth 20.44 million yuan (about $3.3 million), according to the verdict announced Sunday by the Jinan Intermediate People's Court.

Bo Xilai gets life in prison

[2013-09-22 10:35]

Bo Xilai, former Party chief of Chongqing, has been sentenced to life imprisonment for bribery, embezzlement and power abuse.
Trial of Bo Xilai: Evidence, charges and defense
Prosecutors seek heavy punishment for Bo Xilai
Bo accepts bribes worth 20.44m yuan

Court begins announcing verdict on Bo Xilai case

[2013-09-22 10:35]

The Jinan Intermediate People's Court started to announce the verdict on the case of Bo Xilai.
Trial of Bo Xilai: Evidence, charges and defense
Prosecutors seek heavy punishment for Bo Xilai

China prioritizes good-neighborly friendship

[2013-09-22 08:59]

China views good-neighborly friendship as a priority of its foreign policy and wants peaceful co-existence, cooperation and development with neighboring countries, Vice-President Li Yuanchao said on Saturday.

New Sino-US ties sought

[2013-09-22 08:55]

Foreign Minister Wang Yi said China and the United States must prioritize their cooperation in Asia-Pacific affairs and build a new type of "major-country" relationship in the region.
China, US applaud improvement of military ties

China, US applaud steady improvement of military ties

[2013-09-21 14:50]

Visiting Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel on Friday hailed the recent progress made in improving the China-US military relations, vowing to keep promoting mutual military exchanges and strategic trust.

China to play 'positive' role on Syria: FM

[2013-09-20 15:54]

Foreign Minister Wang Yi pledged Thursday that China will play "a positive and constructive role" in helping resolve the crisis over Syria's chemical weapons.
China to work with int'l community on Syria
China welcomes Russia-US deal on Syria

Beijing Love Story aired in Nigeria

[2013-09-19 17:09]

Beijing Love Storyaired in Nigeria

China Library opens in Nigeria

[2013-09-19 17:04]

The "China Library" project was launched in Abuja, Nigeria on Sept. 18, offering computers and books donated by China's State Council Information Office.

Chinese coast guard continues patrol Diaoyu Islands

[2013-09-19 14:12]

Two China Coast Guard (CCG) vessels patrolled territorial waters surrounding the Diaoyu Islands, on Thursday, according to a State Oceanic Administration statement.

CPPCC leaders discuss expelling corrupted official

[2013-09-19 14:10]

Chairman and vice chairpersons of the National Committee of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference discussed a motion to expel a corrupted official at a meeting Wednesday.

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