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9,400 clues on alleged malpractices spotted

[2013-02-11 00:16]

China's top auditing body has said it spotted about 9,400 clues on alleged serious malpractices and transferred them to judicial departments in the past five years.

Premier spends New Year eve with disaster survivors

[2013-02-10 00:23]

Premier Wen Jiabao spent the Chinese Lunar New Year eve with locals who survived a 2008 deadly earthquake and a 2010 devastated mudslide in northwest China's Shaanxi and Gansu provinces.

Xi Jinping extends festival greetings to workers, police

[2013-02-10 00:23]

Chinese leader Xi Jinping has extended festival greetings to construction workers, street cleaners, police and taxi drivers ahead of the Spring Festival, which falls on Sunday this year.

Chinese ship continues patrolling Diaoyu Islands waters

[2013-02-10 00:23]

Chinese marine surveillance ship Haijian 137 continued its regular patrol in the territorial waters surrounding the Diaoyu Islands on the eve of the Spring Festival.

Chinese leaders send greetings for Lunar New Year

[2013-02-08 19:36]

Chinese leaders on Friday extended Lunar New Year greetings to Chinese people both at home and abroad ahead of the traditional Spring Festival.

AU Commission head to visit China

[2013-02-08 18:36]

Head of the African Union Commission Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma is to visit China from Feb 14 to 17 at the invitation of Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi.

China DM refutes Japan's allegations on radar targeting

[2013-02-08 16:23]

China's defense ministry on Friday denied Japan's allegations that Chinese warships targeted fire-control radars at Japanese vessels in the East China Sea.

Party chief Xi urges CPC to accept criticism

[2013-02-08 07:03]

Chinese leader Xi Jinping has urged the Communist Party of China (CPC) to be more tolerant of criticism and receptive to the views of non-communists.

Leaders' rural visits show resolve

[2013-02-08 07:03]

Frequent visits to the rural poor have demonstrated Chinese leaders' resolve to tackle the country's rich-poor gap, political analysts have said.

Li Keqiang urges marine interests safeguarding

[2013-02-08 02:40]

Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang on Thursday urged marine surveillance staff to intensify law enforcement in China's sea territory in order to safeguard the nation's marine interests.

UN chief extends New Year greetings to Chinese people

[2013-02-08 02:40]

UN Secretary-general Ban Ki- moon on Thursday sent a message to the Chinese people, wishing them a happy new year as the traditional Chinese Spring Festival draws near.

China says Japan tarnishing its image

[2013-02-07 22:42]

A Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Thursday accused Japan of creating tension and tarnishing China's image. Tokyo hyped 'radar lock-on': experts

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