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3 named to fill key economic positions

[2017-02-25 06:49]

The appointments of new heads for three posts that are key to China's economy were announced on Friday.

China urges Myanmar to act after workers raid factory

[2017-02-24 10:49]

Chinese embassy to Myanmar lodged solemn representations to local authorities on Thursday after a Chinese factory was raided by striking workers, The Paper reported.

Xi outlines vision of deepening reform

[2017-02-24 08:05]

The national leadership continues to implement changes designed to foster a fitter, leaner economy. Xinhua reports.

China to build 6 million homes for shantytown-dwellers in 2017

[2017-02-24 09:42]

China will build 6 million new homes for residents of shantytowns before the end of 2017, said Chen Zhenggao, Minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, at a news briefing in Beijing on Feb 23.

Small loans assist in fight on poverty

[2017-02-24 08:04]

Small loans for the poor have become more accessible in China, as the government is intensifying a national campaign to fight poverty.

Cities in region pulling together

[2017-02-24 08:04]

The Beijing Commission of Commerce will continue to accelerate the integration of the commercial sector in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei province.

Medical dispute cases see significant decline

[2017-02-24 08:04]

The Supreme People's Court released data on Thursday showing that the number of conflicts between health workers and patients has fallen in recent years, pledging to further boost efforts to prevent such incidents.

Circuit courts in China

[2017-02-24 08:54]

Economy the top job for political meetings

[2017-02-24 08:00]

Editor's note: This is the second story in a series of previews on the "two sessions"-the annual gatherings of the nation's top legislature and its top body of political advisers. The sessions will start in early March.

Rental rules may change

[2017-02-24 08:00]

The top housing authority is expected to draft a regulation to protect tenants' rights and bring order to the nation's largely unregulated rental market.

Beijing seeks 'positive energy' in S. China Sea

[2017-02-24 07:08]

China urges countries outside of the South China Sea region to stop stirring threats of war and tension in the region, the Defense Ministry said on Thursday.

Open economies role seen for BRICS

[2017-02-24 06:52]

BRICS countries should make joint efforts to maintain the openness of global economies and oppose trade protectionism amid worldwide economic sluggishness.

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