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Moderate growth needed to avoid hazards, Li says

[2015-01-07 07:36]

A moderate level of economic growth is necessary to prevent multiple risks to the nation in 2015, Premier Li Keqiang said during his New Year's trip to Guangdong province, China's traditional economic powerhouse.

Trading suspension goes unexplained

[2015-01-07 08:08]

Trading in China's first listed construction company, Zhejiang Guangsha Co, was suspended on Monday morning before the stock market opened.

Ex-Wuxi chief linked to Zhou

[2015-01-07 07:48]

YangWeize, the first provincial-level official investigated in 2015, is said to have close connections with Zhou Yongkang, the country's former security chief.

Three local officials probed for graft

[2015-01-06 18:15]

Three Chinese local officials have been indicted by prosecutors for taking bribes.

2015 may see some reform breakthroughs

[2015-01-06 07:48]

The year 2015 is expected to witness the government's intensified efforts to push forward overall and deepened reforms.

Xi's 'belt and road' prioritize infrastructure

[2015-01-06 08:35]

President Xi Jinping's "belt and road" initiatives, reviving the ancient Silk Road, have infrastructure and connectivity as their top priority.

Chinese construction workers to get better insurance

[2015-01-06 07:49]

No construction permits will be given to projects in China which fail to provide workers with injury insurance.

Watchdog vows persistent campaign

[2015-01-06 07:28]

CCDI says it will further curb spread of corruption with strong measures

Austere working practices the 'new normal'

[2015-01-06 07:14]

Chinese central authorities on Monday announced that 12 teams have been organized to study how the austere working practice policies were carried out in 2014 in provinces, state organs and state-owned enterprises.

China gives redundant officials the boot

[2015-01-05 20:41]

More than 15,800 civil servants were transferred, given early retirement or were simply fired from overstaffed departments last year, the Communist Party of China Organization Department revealed Monday.

China urges Japan to face up to history

[2015-01-05 19:43]

China on Monday responded to Japanese Emperor Akihito and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's new year remarks by urging the country to remain consistent in its words and actions, and to have a correct understanding about its history of aggression.

China offers loans to Latin America, Caribbean

[2015-01-05 19:06]

All members of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States can apply for commercial loans from China, which were initially proposed by President Xi Jinping on a visit to Brazil last year, a senior diplomat said on Monday.

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