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PLA begins live-fire drill in East China Sea

[2013-08-15 09:24]

The Chinese People's Liberation Army will conduct a four-day live-fire exercise beginning on Aug 15, off the coast of Xiangshan county, East China's Zhejiang province.

Frugality prevailing in former high-end sectors

[2013-08-15 09:18]

China's ban on extravagant official galas illustrates efforts of the Communist Party of China (CPC) to fight corruption and will help healthy development of related markets, analysts said.

Former Red Guard issues public apology

[2013-08-15 08:22]

A former Red Guard has published a magazine advertisement apologizing for his wrongdoings during the "cultural revolution" (1966-76), sparking similar confessions and apologies around the country.

Senior leader urges 'mass line' implementation

[2013-08-15 05:58]

Senior leader Liu Yunshan on Wednesday urged officials to welcome criticism and ensure implementation of the Party's "mass line" campaign.

Watchdog to protect rights of consumers

[2013-08-15 01:45]

China's top commerce watchdog has pledged to step up its efforts to tackle anti-competitive practices as a three-month nationwide campaign gets underway.

Top officials asked to take lead to curb smoking

[2013-08-14 07:43]

Senior officials should play a leading role in curbing smoking in public places as smoking control was unsatisfactory so far.

China has 300,000 social workers

[2013-08-14 06:35]

The number of specialized social workers in China has reached 300,000, including over 80,000 who qualified after passing the government exam, according to a blue book published here on Tuesday.

China to fight extravagant official celebrations

[2013-08-14 06:29]

Authorities will make more efforts to halt extravagance in official banquets and punish those who organize such events, according to an official notice issued on Tuesday.

New guideline to safeguard judicial independence

[2013-08-14 06:09]

China's first guideline to prevent unjust or wrongful judgments will better safeguard judicial independence, build credibility for the judicial system and help to improve public trust.

China hopes to cut bureaucracy via punishment

[2013-08-14 06:09]

Although the government has made commitments to eliminate bureaucracy by punishing corrupt officials, further efforts are still needed, experts said.

Guideline to prevent unjust judgments

[2013-08-13 20:34]

After the emergence of several court scandals, China has issued a guideline for the first time to prevent unjust or wrongful judgments.

China, Kenya optimistic on future

[2013-08-13 07:33]

There are many ways in which China and Kenya can develop future cooperation, such as in trade, infrastructure and tourism.

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