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China Voice: Uprooting the cancer of terrorism

Updated: 2014-05-23 19:04
( Xinhua)

BEIJING - Thursday's bomb attack in Urumqi, the bloodiest in recent years, once again reveals the brutal and inhuman nature of terrorists and the urgency to eradicate this "social cancer."

Thirty-one people died and more than 90 were injured as two vehicles plowed into people and explosives were set off early Thursday at an open-air market in Urumqi, capital of northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

China Voice: Uprooting the cancer of terrorism
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China Voice: Uprooting the cancer of terrorism
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The horrific attack was the second in Urumqi in three weeks after a train station knife and bomb attack left three dead and 79 injured on April 30, and the deadliest in recent years in Xinjiang. It followed another deadly attack at a rail station in southwest China's Kunming, which left 29 dead.

The latest attack shocked and outraged China and the world. The downright anti-human massacre committed by terrorists deserves the strongest condemnation and severest punishment with no lenience.

Using tactics such as suicide attacks, terrorists grasp any chance to sabotage peace and stability in Xinjiang and the country.

Yet they never achieve their evil purpose and never will. The Chinese government and people of all ethnic groups have the united will, the ability and full confidence to uproot the cancer of terrorism.

Neither Xinjiang nor any other place in China will allow any room for terrorists. No place in China will turn into one of those terrorism-plagued areas of the world.

The recent terrorist attacks will not impact China's stability and development. The country is certain to win its war against dead-end terrorists, who are set to be dealt with a heavy blow, with their talons cut and destroyed.

China needs to adopt more efficient methods and actions to prevent attacks. The mobilization of everyday citizens is necessary. Increasing terror acts have infuriated people of all ethnic groups, including Uygur teachers and students in and outside Xinjiang.

International cooperation is important to fight terrorism, the enemy of all of mankind. The increase of terrorist attacks in China undoubtedly has to do with the masterminding and collusion of terrorist forces abroad.

Xinjiang should continue to focus on economic and social development, the basis of stability and security and key to eradicating the hotbed of extremism and terrorism.

Rule of law should be fully implemented in fighting terrorism. Terrorists will be brought to justice and punished harshly for the toll they have taken.

Empowered by the sharp sword of law and people's will, China is able to defeat terrorists, maintain stability and security, and achieve development and prosperity.