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Zhejiang province lists administrative responsibilities

Updated: 2014-06-25 19:00
By Yan Yiqi ( chinadaily.com.cn)

East China's Zhejiang province released the country's first provincial administrative power list on Wednesday to clarify governmental responsibilities and obligations.

The list sorts the province's administrative powers into 10 categories. All departments' responsibilities and obligations, with the exception of confidential matters, are open to the public.

Ju Jianlin, head of the Zhejiang Commission Office of Public Sector Reform, said the release of the list is to provide transparent administrative services to individuals, businesses and other organizations.

"From the list, people can have a clear idea of what the government departments are doing and who they can turn to when they need service from the government," he said.

Ju said the list, which clarifies the boundaries of responsibility of each department, can help reduce the time administrative processes take.

"People can benefit from the list by spending less time and energy in dealing with governmental departments to get certain permits or verifications. This is also a step forward to a further reformation of the public sector," he said.

Ju said the province also hopes the list can clarify the relationship between the government and the market, and stimulate the province's market economy.

"The market and society will hopefully add vitality through us reducing our administrative power," he said.

Zhejiang province started reducing its administrative powers at the end of last year. 12,300 Provincial level administrative powers have been reduced from 12,300 items to 4,236.