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  • Opening up on autism

    2013-04-03 05:32

    It was an occasion to be blue, as the sixth World Autism Awareness Day fell on April 2.

  • Good Samaritan

    2013-04-03 05:32

    Daily necessities became rare finds when SARS gripped Beijing in April 2003. But community grocer Yang Xinxing stabilized prices and consequently eased locals' fears.

  • Looking in the first lady's mirror

    2013-04-03 05:32

    Peng Liyuan has been wearing Ma Ke's designs for more than a decade, a fact that was only highlighted recently when the first lady accompanied her husband President Xi Jinping on his first state visit to Russia and three African countries.

  • Going under the needle

    2013-04-02 18:07

    Doctors believe irritation and inflammation of the mucous membrane inside the nose, or a lining of the nasal cavity rich with blood vessels and nerves, causes rhinitis, but it is hard to cure.

  • Fly like a bird

    2013-03-31 08:22

    A vertical wind tunnel near the Shanghai Circuit is offering sports lovers the chance to experience the feeling of flying - without the fear of jumping from a plane or falling out of the sky.

  • Films risk missing a moment

    2013-03-31 08:21

    LOS ANGELES - It was the middle of 2006, and hardly anyone was worried about the zombie apocalypse. But Paramount Pictures saw it coming.

  • TV Pilots Bypass Networks

    2013-03-31 08:19

    Internet-delivered TV is the new front in the war for viewers' attention spans.

  • Forecasting sun storm havoc

    2013-03-31 08:19

    In 1859, the Sun erupted, and on Earth wires shot off sparks that shocked telegraph operators and set their paper on fire.

  • An enterprising program

    2013-03-28 07:40

    TV anchor Li Yong, who's a household name in China, will host a reality TV show based on a contest among entrepreneurs, after leaving China Central Television.

  • If the phone fits, wear it

    2013-03-28 13:35

    Apparently the iPhone is dead and should rest in peace. That announcement was made by BlackBerry Chief Executive Thorsten Heins.

  • Hip is a 'smart' start

    2013-03-25 13:40

    There's no one authority who can proclaim what's hip. Whatever is hip, the poor man's version veers towards the campy.

  • Gung ho about ketchup and other Chinese words

    2013-03-25 15:42

    As a language expert, Alan Yu is used to all kinds of influences showing up in English words.

  • Group a building block for Africa

    An unusually heavy downpour hit Durban for two days before the BRICS summit's debut on African soil, but interest for a better platform for emerging markets were still sparked at the summit.