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  • Scholarship for women

    2013-07-10 11:21

    O'Loreal Group has recently signed a four-year memorandum of understanding with the Asian University for Women in Bangladesh, to jointly promote higher education for young women.

  • Lovebirds separate when things gets rough

    2013-07-08 10:36

    Social changes in China in the past several decades mean couples have to make more effort to stay married for life.

  • Temple retreat a hot pursuit

    2013-07-08 10:17

    An offer for spiritual seekers to become "temporary monks and nuns" at a temple in Tiantai Mountain, has turned the holy place's virtual world into a madhouse.

  • Strongman contestants visit Shaolin Temple

    2013-07-08 09:36

    Competitors in the 2013 China World Strongman Championship visited the Shaolin Temple in Zhengzhou, Henan province, on Sunday afternoon to study Chinese martial arts with monks.

  • Showing off in Shanxi

    2013-07-08 03:30

    Tradition and culture were the main attractions recently at the ancient city of Taiyuan. Chen Liang and Sun Ruisheng tell us which were the main acts.

  • Nice work - if you can get it

    2013-07-03 10:02

    The global economy has been hit by a slowdown in the United States and the sovereign debt problems affecting many countries in the European Union.This has delivered a massive blow to new graduates.

  • Graduates face grim hunt for work

    2013-07-03 10:02

    The harsh reality engendered by China's economic slowdown has exerted huge pressures on graduates and resulted in a low rate of job satisfaction.

  • Life by a thousand cuts

    2013-07-03 09:56

    Born with brittle bone disease, Zhang Yonghong is only half a meter tall and must use a wheelchair.

  • Dance becomes popular stress relief

    2013-06-28 02:42

    Dancing has become a trendy antidote to stress among young Chinese, especially urban female white-collar workers, in the past three years.

  • Security guards moonlight as college students

    2013-06-25 07:18

    When 18-year-old Zhang Guoqiang came to Beijing to work as a temporary security guard at the prestigious Peking University in 1994, having only a middle-school diploma, he probably never expected he could go to a top college himself one day.

  • Lofty views of cityscapes

    2013-06-25 14:17

    Urban explorer and identity expert JT Singh has made a two-minute visual record of Shanghai that he says will imprint images of the city in minds across the globe.

  • Getting the needle

    2013-06-25 06:57

    I've never traveled by ship before and I felt dizzy and uncomfortable even before we left port.

  • Group a building block for Africa

    An unusually heavy downpour hit Durban for two days before the BRICS summit's debut on African soil, but interest for a better platform for emerging markets were still sparked at the summit.