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  • God of Thunder set to take French audiences by storm

    2013-07-26 14:21

    New production from innovative theater company combines dance with traditional Chinese performance arts.

  • Hong Konger wins 'World Best Santa Claus'

    2013-07-26 09:39

    Santa Johnny from China's Hong Kong won the "World Best Santa Claus" during the annual World Santa Claus Congress in Copenhagen, Denmark, July 24, 2013.

  • Scroll artist redefines 'the big picture'

    2013-07-26 02:00

    Known for painting landscapes on big scrolls, Chinese artist Dong Xiyuan leads an "austere life", in the words of his friends and art critics.

  • Character building

    2013-07-25 01:51

    Thinking locally puts Chinese architecture in the center of today's ideas, award-winning Li Xiaodong tells China Daily reporter.

  • Liyuan Library in Beijing

    2013-07-25 01:00

    Liyuan Library integrates architecture into the natural landscape using traditional Chinese architectural concepts.

  • Bring nation's first seaplane service to Sansha

    2013-07-22 02:53

    In Mo Qun's eyes, Sansha, the country's youngest city, will become China's Maldives, attracting tourists for island-to-island trips in the near future.

  • Weaving clouds of color

    2013-07-22 02:27

    Nanjing was the ancient capital of six dynasties in China, and in August, it will come under the limelight again as the host city of the 2nd Asian Youth Games. Its rich history and cultural heritage are sure to impress first-time visitors.

  • African students learn Chinese culture

    2013-07-22 01:29

    Clenching fists, flying kicks, snapping punches — Shaolin kung fu made a big impression on the children in Mabre N'guessan Valerie's village in Cote d'Ivoire when he was young.

  • University adds personal touch

    2013-07-22 01:25

    Many students consider their university admission letter one of their most important mementos because it marks the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.

  • A lens on beijing

    2013-07-19 13:00

    Is it romantic for an American boy and his Chinese girlfriend to meet in Tiananmen Square or the Forbidden City? Foreigners say yes but the Chinese wrinkle their foreheads, whispering it's weird.

  • Here Be Dragons

    2013-07-19 13:00

    While dragons are the stuff of imagination, China boasts tangible - and substantial - reptiles that can both chill the blood and tug the heartstrings of empathetic animal lovers. Reptiles come in many forms in China, including grand survivors and niche monsters. From one of the only species of alligator in the world to turtles from antiquity, China has a rich diversity of reptilian giants trying to eke out an existence in the modern world. However, with habitats disappearing, prey dying off or just ending up in a local diner, the size of these animals is largely a curse. Many of these often critically endangered beasts are under threat of becoming just as mythical as their legendary cousin, the dragon. Spine-chilling snakes and leviathan lizards may seem scary, but they are far more important to a delicate ecosystem than, say, a web designer. However, while there are only a few hundred Chinese alligators - for some reason - web designers abound. Tragically, there were many animals that could have been included in this list but no longer exist, such as the Yangtze soft-shelled turtle

  • Snail facials: Japan's new beauty trend

    2013-07-18 15:29

    The snail slime is believed to make one's skin supple as well as remove dry and scaly patches.

  • Group a building block for Africa

    An unusually heavy downpour hit Durban for two days before the BRICS summit's debut on African soil, but interest for a better platform for emerging markets were still sparked at the summit.