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  • Commune gives confidence to youth

    2013-04-15 16:35

    The old gray Dodge van might look like it's not going to make the 45-minute trip to Beijing's northern suburbs, but it roars up the road as confidently as its driver.

  • Dishing out dignity

    2013-04-15 16:33

    A management consultant and restauranteur, Koh Choon Seng probably never expected Dignity Kitchen to bleed for so long.

  • Youth build a rainbow of friendship

    2013-04-15 16:22

    A project aimed at bringing the young people of China and Mongolia together was launched in Ulan Bator on Friday.

  • Fresh Bread, fresh start

    2013-04-15 15:33

    Amity Bakery has a noble intention - to train those who are mentally challenged so that they can integrate into society and get a job. But they face an uphill task.

  • Expats prefer Beijing, Shanghai

    2013-04-11 07:58

    The living environment has become a growing concern for expatriates working in Shanghai and Beijing, although the two cities topped a list of the most attractive Chinese cities for expats, a new study found.

  • Returning to life on the land

    2013-04-11 11:14

    When university graduate Chai Huilong turned down a well-paid job to return to the family farm, his parents were worried. French arts festival opens in China

  • Croisements Festival returns to China

    2013-04-09 09:43

    On April 10, the 8th annual Croisements Festival will commence at the French embassy in Beijing with a press conference to launch the event.

  • The mouth's work as food processor

    2013-04-07 07:44

    WAGENINGEN, the Netherlands - In Food Valley, a cluster of universities and research facilities, nearly 15,000 scientists are dedicated to improving - or, depending on your sentiments about processed food, compromising - the quality of our meals.

  • Second Sight

    2013-04-07 07:45

    Paul Lai believes that groovy spectacles allow their wearers to assume different identities. Rebecca Lo discovers that his Vintage Glasses are supplied to a client list that includes celebrities such as Zhang Ziyi and Andy Lau.

  • Privacy decisions are prone to error

    2013-04-07 07:43

    In a series of provocative experiments, a researcher has shown that despite how much people say they value their privacy, they tend to act inconsistently.

  • Parenting: Hands-on vs. digital

    2013-04-07 07:43

    Parents who spent their own formative years with textbooks, pencils and typewriters can tell you that our technological age can be a confusing place to raise a child. But some things never change. Parents still want the best for their young.

  • My generation

    2013-04-05 10:48

    Compliance, conformity and social status have long been strong characteristics of Chinese society. Confucius stressed their importance in maintaining a harmonious society and they have remained an ingrained part of the social fabric. But today, with the added pressures created by China's economic boom, for many young Chinese these characteristics have become a prison of social norms that largely stops them from pursuing ambitions or expressing individual personality.

  • Group a building block for Africa

    An unusually heavy downpour hit Durban for two days before the BRICS summit's debut on African soil, but interest for a better platform for emerging markets were still sparked at the summit.