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  • Hangzhou five seek delayed justice

    2013-07-05 07:21

    Five men who served 17 years in prison after being wrongly convicted for the murders, want justice, and their first targets are the officers the group claims tortured them into confessing the killings.

  • China to protect memorial sites for martyrs

    2013-07-05 00:45

    China will improve the maintenance of cemeteries and other memorial buildings for martyrs, including about 100 memorials overseas.

  • 32 endangered birds released into the wild

    2013-07-04 01:11

    Thirty-two crested ibises were released on Wednesday from a protected enclosure to their natural habitat in the northern reach of the Qinling Mountains in Shaanxi province.

  • Gaokao whiz evinces changing views

    2013-07-04 07:20

    Huang Yiqing has become an Internet celebrity, not because he earned the top science score in the college entrance exam in Wuhan, but for what he subsequently wrote on Renren.

  • Hot weather brings health problems

    2013-07-04 02:24

    Scorching heat has persisted in northern and eastern parts of China since Monday, driving up the number of emergency calls and sending hundreds of people to hospital with heat-related illness.

  • Tourism to become key for Guangxi

    2013-07-04 02:01

    Officials in Guangxi, an underdeveloped region in South China, vow to turn tourism into an engine of growth in 10 years, despite difficulties.

  • Kendo club in NW Chinese city

    2013-07-03 08:24

    Kendo, meaning "way of the sword," or fencing, is a modern Japanese martial art, which descended from traditional swordsmanship and uses bamboo swords and protective armor.So far it has not become very popular in Xi'an。

  • Anti-terror drill staged in Xinjiang

    2013-07-03 13:30

    Hami city held an anti-terrorism drill with police, armed police and military after a deadly terrorist attack left 24 dead in Shanshan county of Turpan prefecture last week.

  • Labor camp lawsuit reaches final hearing

    2013-07-03 02:00

    The Hunan Provincial Higher People's Court started the final hearing on Tuesday of a case in which a young rape victim's mother sued a government authority for putting her in a labor camp.

  • Aged residents pay the price of passion

    2013-07-03 07:16

    According to provincial health experts, the frequency of elderly people older than the age of 60 contracting syphilis is going up, mostly because of risky sexual activities.

  • China faces long battle in drug crackdown

    2013-07-03 02:19

    China still faces a grim task in its fight against drug crime because of rampant smuggling from abroad and huge domestic demand, according to an anti-drug official from the Ministry of Public Security.

  • Xinjiang to reward whistleblowers

    2013-07-02 10:22

    Police authorities in Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region announced it would reward whistleblowers who expose terrorist plots, a move to help rebuild stability after a recent deadly terrorist attack.

  • Group a building block for Africa

    An unusually heavy downpour hit Durban for two days before the BRICS summit's debut on African soil, but interest for a better platform for emerging markets were still sparked at the summit.