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  • From rock 'n' roll bandwagon to the music of the desert

  • China adds 10 million new jobs

    China's job market proved resilient despite slowing economic growth in the first nine months of the year, according to data from the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security.

  • New proposals for care of the elderly

    China is considering introducing a long-term insurance program to provide high-quality, sustainable care for elderly people.

  • Cult-busting office gets deputy leader

    Liu Jinguo, vice-minister of public security, has been appointed deputy head of the 610 Office, the central government agency responsible for combating cults and handling cult-related issues.



  • West Lake International Expo kicks off

  • Flash PMI for Oct brings cheer

    A Chinese manufacturing gauge rose in October, adding to signs a resilient labor market and export demand are helping the world's second-largest economy weather a housing market downturn.

  • China service trade deficit expands

    China continued to see a bigger deficit in foreign service trade in September, the latest data from the State Administration of Foreign Exchange showed.

  • Aviation industry sees gold in 'gutter oil'

    Mass production of aviation biofuel is on the horizon in China, with the first demonstration facility dedicated to producing the fuel having opened in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province.





  • Tracing the origins of rice

  • 'Customized' crustaceans

    Hairy crabs, or Chinese mitten crabs, are widely distributed along the estuarine deltas, inland lakes and waterways as far north as the Korean Peninsula and as far south as the river mouths in Fujian province of southeastern China.

  • Bringing the flavor of france to Beijing

    Situated on the bustling Chongwenmen West Street, Maxim's, 5 kilometers south of Tian'anmen Square, is where many Beijingers get their first taste of French food, long before setting foot in Paris.

  • Pret A Manger prepares for sandwich battle

    A battle is about to commence on Oct 16 at the back lobby in a Shanghai shopping mall, a battle not fought with guns and rifles but with Scottish salmon and egg mayonnaise.



  • Xu Jinglei poses at Prague Square

  • 'Breakup Buddies' reaches 1 bln yuan milestone

    The road comedy "Breakup Buddies" by Ning Hao grossed 1 billion yuan ($163 million) by Thursday, the fourth movie to pass the 1 billion yuan mark at box office in Chinese movie history.

  • Starving to stay thin

    It's the dieting fad that is sweeping the world, and encourages fasting for two days of the week. But does it work?

  • Zhou Xun graces Cosmopolitan magazine

    Chinese actress Zhou Xun poses during a photo shoot for the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine.




Cold comfort for former sex slaves

Many women abused inmilitary brothels by the Japanese army during WorldWar II are now neglected by society and living in desperate conditions.

Fishing for solutions

Businesses bank on Chinese palates to help rid US of invasive Asian carp, which are making their way up the Mississippi River and its tributaries and threatening rivers and lakes.

Growing success from the grassroots

A lack of grassroots participation and unprofessional league systems has taken a toll on the development of big-ball sports in China.

Having babies from abroad

An increasing number of Chinese couples turn to foreign surrogacy services for babies, but risks remain as rules on surrogacy vary from country to country.

Slim pickings

More people are needed to help rising number of patients suffering from eating disorders.

Pepping up prevention

More are calling for HIV-prevention procedure amid rising infections among gay men, Shan Juan reports.

High alert

Chinese troops keep close tabs on terrorist threats at the Wakhan Corridor mountain border area in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, Northwest China.

Sea change

120 years after its naval defeat in the First Sino-Japanese War, the country looks to stronger maritime power, Peng Yining reports in Weihai, Shandong province.

India adds spice to Chinese investor

An increasing number of Chinese businesses are riding on growing economic and trade ties between China and India in recent years.

Fugitive ends life on the lam

Another Chinese 'fox' returns home to face consequences of financial scandal.

'Old newcomers'

Elderly people who leave home to take care of their grandchildren account for 10 percent of 144 million people aged 60 or older, according to a survey.

General aviation hub reaches for the sky

As China's private aircraft sector prepares for takeoff, reform is desperately needed.

Endangered species threatens livelihoods

Wild Asian elephants have been wreaking havoc in villages in Southwest China as their habitat is destroyed and they're forced to search for food.

  • Kenya confirms high-speed rail construction

    The construction of the Standard Gauge Railway aimed at providing efficient and cost-effective rail transport for both freight and passengers, is on course, said Kenyan government on Thursday.
  • Capital outflow fears unfounded

    China is not at risk from large-scale capital outflows, which was in line with the nation's target of achieving equilibrium in the international balance of payments.
  • China to stick with existing policy

    According to the China Securities Journal, the nation is set to maintain a monetary easing policy for the foreseeable future.
  • New proposals for care of the elderly

    China is considering introducing a long-term insurance program to provide high-quality, sustainable care for elderly people.


  • China rushes help to Ebola-hit countries

  • Africa can learn from SARS experience

    Steps taken by Beijing in the wake of outbreak are a good model for Ebola-stricken nations.

  • China businesses called on to fight Ebola

    The United Nations has urged more Chinese enterprises and billionaires to offer financial and food assistance.

  • Race to stop killer disease

    Global health authorities are struggling to contain the world's worst Ebola epidemic since the disease was identified in 1976. The virus has killed more than 4,500 people.



  • Bashir's candidacy for presidency stirs concerns in Sudan

  • Kenya to build high-speed railway

    The construction of the Standard Gauge Railway aimed at providing efficient and cost-effective rail transport for both freight and passengers, is on course, said Kenyan government on Thursday.

  • Li calls for cooperation against Ebola

    Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Tuesday spoke over phone with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon about the growing Ebola threat and urged the international community to join hands against the deadly virus.

  • Ebola vaccine trials in W Africa in January

    The hunt for an Ebola vaccine will produce data soon about whether two experimental vaccines are safe and could lead to larger medical trials in West Africa by January.





  • Steve Nash ruled out for season with back injury

  • China climbs to 88th in FIFA rankings

    China climbed to 88th on the October edition of the overall FIFA world rankings, nine positions higher than last month, according to the FIFA website.

  • Somersault causes fatal spinal injury

    A 23-year-old Indian soccer player has died from severe spinal cord damage after attempting to celebrate a goal with a somersault, a regional official said on Monday.

  • Serena beats Ivanovic in Singapore

    A new venue, an injury-hit preparation and insults from a top sports official - none of it could stop Serena Williams' winning streak at the WTA Finals.

  • Heavy fog hits China

  • On the right track to the rule of law

    The effects of such reform would be huge, because economic reforms could fail without proper legal and judicial reforms.

  • War crimes catch Abe on the wrong foot

    Asian countries' appeal to honor the verdict of history is the natural call of justice. And only by heeding to the call of justice can countries lay the foundation of sustained regional peace and development.

  • Human crises demand better response

    While our humanitarian mission remains unchanged, the Beijing Declaration we arrive at re-affirms our resolve and commitment to capitalize on opportunities and ensures that we remain relevant to the needs of today's fast-changing world.

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