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Seven things you may not know about Lantern Festival Top 10 destinations for Chinese tourists Cape Town ravaged by bushfire Kenya burns 15 tonnes of confiscated ivory in fighting poachers Caveman saves money for family


  • People celebrate upcoming Lantern Festival across China

  • Anhui reports another H7N9 case

    Another human H7N9 case has been reported in East China's Anhui province, raising its total infections to six this year, local health authorities said on Thursday.

  • Smog forcast for north, central China

    Some northern and central areas in China will experience smog for two days starting Friday, the national weather observatory said on Thursday.

  • Website spreads Diaoyu messages

    English-language and Japanese versions of a website were launched by China on Wednesday to demonstrate its sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands.







  • Festival family fare

  • Guts go for new glory

    Chopped-up pig intestines with wheat bread may sound repulsive - or like a very humble pie. But it's a traditional local delicacy in Beijing: luzhu.

  • Dipping into a French melting pot

    When is Paris not just Paris? When it's a window onto Dakar, Senegal; or Morocco; or Mumbai, India; or Moscow.

  • Eel wizard

    Tucked in a quiet street in the north of Beijing's embassy area, a small Japanese restaurant called Missi Missi has recently climbed onto local foodies' bucket lists.





  • Prince William visits Xishuangbanna

  • Celebrity speak: What the stars say

    The plenary sessions of the National People's Congress (NPC) and the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) kicked off this week.

  • Liu Rui teaches youngsters with the beat of his own drum

    "Imagine that you are in a zoo. What does a running horse sound like?" Liu Rui asks. A group of children 4 to 5 years old immediately knock on the table, giving their interpretation of the galloping animal.


Annual legislative and political advisory sessions

The plenary sessions of the National People's Congress and the National Committee of the Chinese People' s Political Consultative Conference kick off.

Spring Festival trends reflect a changing China

Spring Festival is an annual celebration in China. This year's celebration, which lasts from Feb 18 to Feb 25, is marked by the following features.

Alibaba head meets with regulators

The head of China's quality watchdog met with Alibaba chairman Jack Ma on Monday to discuss the crackdown on fake and shoddy products.

Merger helps nuclear power grow globally

The approved merger of China's two industrial giants in the nuclear power field will strengthen the country's industrial competitiveness when going abroad.

Anti-graft watchdog learns from military tactics

China's venerable strategists may find their mantle inherited by the Central Committee of Discipline Inspection (CCDI), the Party’s disciplinary watchdog.

Rich Chinese pick Apple as gifts choice

Apple overtook Hermes as the most favored brand for giving by China's richest men, followed by Louis Vuitton. Hermes fell to seventh.

National Memorial Day for Nanjing Massacre victims

A state memorial ceremony is held in Nanjing for China's first National Memorial Day for Nanjing Massacre Victims.

Corrupt female officials spark debate

Downfall of two female officials in Shanxi province has drawn attention to the lifestyles of corrupt high-ranking women.

1st Shanghai-Kathmandu route

China Eastern Airlines will launch the first route from Shanghai to Nepal's capital Kathmandu on Dec 2.

Cold comfort for former sex slaves

Many women abused inmilitary brothels by the Japanese army during WorldWar II are now neglected by society and living in desperate conditions.

Fishing for solutions

Businesses bank on Chinese palates to help rid US of invasive Asian carp, which are making their way up the Mississippi River and its tributaries and threatening rivers and lakes.

Growing success from the grassroots

A lack of grassroots participation and unprofessional league systems has taken a toll on the development of big-ball sports in China.


  • A greater demand for legal eagles

  • Jam-packed airports add to pressure

    When Chinese Premier Li Keqiang was in Africa in May of last year he enthusiastically spoke about how China and Africa could work together on high-speed railways, highways and aviation.

  • Airports give Rwanda a ticket to growth

    As a landlocked country, Rwanda's opportunities for expanding business are not quite as extensive as those enjoyed by other countries. One way of overcoming that is air transport.

  • Building roads between China and Ghana

    It took Su Yuehua awhile to figure it out, but he learned the secret to business success in the West Africa.





  • US Justice Dept finds racial bias in Ferguson police practices

  • Belgian royal couple to visit China

    The King and Queen of Belgium will pay a week-long state visit to China in June, said Didier Reynders, Belgium's deputy prime minister and minister for foreign affairs.

  • Prince Harry invited to serve in Australia

    Australia's Queensland city Townsville has made an impassioned plea for Britain's Prince Harry to make his final tour of duty this year.

  • Abe faces questions about donations

    Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on Tuesday that he accepted donations from firms that received government subsidies as he personally faced questions about potentially improper donations for the first time.






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