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Escape artist beats the clock Weekly Photos: Sept 14-21 Cancer patient, 72, takes National Judicial Exam Legendary Chinese women in the early 20th century Go on a drinking spree in Munich


  • Escape artist beats the clock

  • Govt body on natural resources to be built

    China is expected to establish a new government organ in an effort to better protect natural resources, including minerals, water and forests, said a senior official.

  • Two boys dead after falling from dormitory

    Two teenagers have been confirmed dead after falling from a dormitory building in a high school in Central China's Hunan province early Monday morning.

  • Graft probe sees CEO stand down

    Suzhou Industrial Park former CEO Bai Guizhi has been investigated for graft in the most serious scandal to hit the first Sino-Singaporean bilateral project.



  • One more Chinese city scraps housing purchase limit

  • China's shadow banking stabilizing

    Growth in China's shadow banking activity continues to outpace that of nominal GDP but has begun to stabilize.

  • Shanghai Husi to fire 340 workers

    A total of 340 workers are expected to be made redundant on Monday by Shanghai Husi Food Co Ltd, a food supplier to a number of global brands.

  • China won't increase cotton import quota

    China will not increase its cotton import quota next year beyond the 894,000 tons quota it promised when joining the World Trade Organization.



  • Prepare for takeoff

  • On a wing and a prayer

    Remote-controlled airplanes are becoming increasingly popular in Beijing. Zhang Lei meets enthusiasts to find out why.

  • Rise of the drone

    Flying enthusiasts are falling in love with the 'addictive' hobby that gives them the freedom to fly whenever they want.

  • Flying into the future

    China's civil research on drones is mainly carried out on campuses led by Tsinghua University. The Tsinghua drone, called "throne", flew on its own, without human control.





  • On catwalk, runners replace models for a sportswear company

  • Best bets

    Swan Lake by Russian State Ballet,Shanghai MIDI Festival 2014, Splash Wars II, Mariah Carey Concert in Chongqing, and Zhang Haochen Piano RecitalNCPA Piano Virtuosos 2014.

  • Listings

    Plan B-The Rock 'n' Soul Specialists, 2014 Shane Filan You and Me Tour Live in Beijing, and 2014 Beijing Expat Fair.

  • Prada Spring/Summer 2015 collection

    Models present creations from the Prada Spring/Summer 2015 collection during Milan Fashion week September 18, 2014.




'Old newcomers'

Elderly people who leave home to take care of their grandchildren account for 10 percent of 144 million people aged 60 or older, according to a survey.

General aviation hub reaches for the sky

As China's private aircraft sector prepares for takeoff, reform is desperately needed.

Endangered species threatens livelihoods

Wild Asian elephants have been wreaking havoc in villages in Southwest China as their habitat is destroyed and they're forced to search for food.

Chinese mavericks set to amaze global racing world

Horse racing is hugely popular in many countries, but in China the industry is still in its infancy.

Going the distance

A report from Peking University showed that residents in Beijing spent the longest time commuting, about 1.32 hours a day for work on average.

Righting wrong judgements

Latest acquittal of man on death row is a major step forward for the Chinese legal system but problems like torture in interrogation still need to be addressed.

Mooncake sales wane

Thanks to the central government's ongoing crackdown on graft, Chinese civil servants are now free from the burden of receiving and giving gifts during holidays.

People progress

A city in Fujian province steps up eff orts to integrate valued migrant workers and
balance urbanization with heart.

Caring out of the ordinary

Understanding, family support remain crucial for Chinese children suffering from rare diseases.

Clearing the way with clean waters

Concerted efforts to restore reservoir area shine out in nationwide environmental campaign.

Host of Japan's historic surrender

A little-known site lays claim to receiving the first formal surrender by the Japanese invaders to China.

National gifts give new look at China

DVD sets on par with more iconic Chinese items like porcelain and silk have formed many of Beijing's gifts to foreign leaders and dignitaries.

Redemption from within

Correctional facilities are finding more ways to help prisoners adapt to life in and out of jail.

  • Xi announces new aid for combating Ebola

    Chinese President Xi Jinping announcedan aid package of 200 million yuan ($32.54 million) for West African countries to combat Ebola.
  • Alibaba set to soar at $68 per share

    China's e-commerce giant could raise $21 billion and give it a market valuation of $167.6 billion, overtaking US corporate icons Disney and Boeing.
  • Admiral: US flights should stop

    Wu Shengli, a senior military officer has reiterated that frequent close-in reconnaissance by the United States should stop.
  • A rise in fallen stars

    Director Wang Quan'an's prostitution scandal makes him the latest among a slew of celebrities to be detained in the ongoing crackdown.


  • Cementing not only jobs but also an industrial future

  • Harnessing the winds of change

    On the outskirts of Ethiopia's second largest city, Adam, there is a stunning example of ancient methods meeting modern technology.

  • US, China can collaborate and compete

    As the US-Africa Leaders Summit opened in Washington on Aug 4, expectations for the meeting, which included 50-odd African heads of state and the US President, were sky high.

  • Ethiopia joins caravan going to China's west

    Ethiopia aims to build itself into the manufacturing hub of Africa within six years, and China can have a key role in ensuring it achieves that goal, says a senior Ethiopian diplomat.



  • Becoming a man

  • Xi announces new aid for Ebola

    Chinese President Xi Jinping announcedan aid package of 200 million yuan ($32.54 million) for West African countries to combat Ebola.

  • Liberia hopes others to act

    Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf said on Wednesday she hoped US President Barack Obama's decision to send 3,000 troops to West Africa to battle the worst Ebola outbreak on record would spur other countries to help.

  • Africa welcomes support from China

    Africa welcomes modern win-win cooperation with Chinese enterprises that are shifting from simply extracting resources in the continent to supporting its industrialization, South Africa's top diplomat has said.



  • Obama pledges diplomatic resolution of Ukraine crisis

  • Scottish voters rejects independence

    Although the nationalists won Scotland's biggest city, Glasgow, they failed to meet expectations in a clutch of other constituencies, keeping the UK whole.

  • Salmond concedes defeat

    Scottish nationalist leader Alex Salmond conceded defeat on Friday over his bid to win independence and demanded the British government rapidly meet its promise of more powers for Edinburgh.

  • France to launch air strikes in Iraq

    French President Francois Hollande said on Thursday his country is ready to launch air strikes against Islamic State fighters in Iraq "soon".



  • South Korean pop stars to shine Asian Games

  • Li Na announces retirement on Weibo

    China's two-time Grand Slam winner Li Na announced her retirement via Sina Weibo on Friday morning and will hold a press conference on Sunday in Beijing, according to her agent company, IMG.

  • Netizens rally to wish Li Na the best

    While there is no official confirmation of Li Na's pending retirement, the Chinese tennis ace received an overwhelming number of good wishes from fans across the Internet - around 13 million.

  • No tolerance for sexual harassment: OCA

    The Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) Wednesday issued a zero tolerance policy for any cases of sexual harassment at the upcoming 2014 Incheon Asian Games.

  • Sino-India ties enhanced

  • Innovation in software is key to PLA forces

    The PLA, therefore, has to add equal weight to domestic defense and regional and global security, which can only be done with advanced innovations.

  • Cracks that cannot be papered over

    Despite the result being in favor of things remaining as they are, Scotland's referendum again highlights the growing divide between the rich and poor.

  • Educators need to reflect on 'dozing' incident

    Not only did the officials undermine the wisdom of a 92-year-old scholar and ignore his frail health, they also denied the students the right to decide whether or not they wanted to attend the lecture.

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