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  • Giant panda cub receives medical care in Guangzhou

  • 'We have a heart for them'

    A summer stay with US families has ended for 30 Chinese orphans with special needs. All have returned to China, but a large majority of them have found families that want to adopt them, May Zhou reports in Houston.

  • Students return with new gadgets

    Parents should set an example for children by not comparing with others materially, expert says

  • TV program honors war heroes

    Young people across China are being encouraged to watch a television program to air on China Central Television on Friday that showcases World War II Chinese heroes.



  • Funeral service puts deceased pets to rest with style

  • 16 trillion yuan debt ceiling set

    For the first time in China's modern history, the national legislature has introduced a "debt ceiling" for local government debt, setting it at 16 trillion yuan (more than $2.5 trillion) for this year.

  • Journalist, securities regulatory official held for stock market violation

    Chinese authorities have held several people, including a journalist and an official of China's securities watchdog for stock market violations.

  • Youngest Chinese keener entrepreneurs

    The youngest generation of the Chinese workforce are more interested in starting their own businesses and are more inclined to change jobs, according to new survey results.





  • Once upon a starry night

  • The sweet smell of food & flowers

    You do not have to go far to stumble on a coffee shop whose main accoutrement is flowers or to come across a banquet decked with beautiful bunches of the best that nature has to offer.

  • Online rumors' ill effects on food safety

    Dozens of experts, government officials and entrepreneurs recently gathered in Beijing for a seminar organized by Xinhuanet.com, the multilingual website for Xinhua New Agency, to discuss how to tackle online rumors about food safety.

  • App brings Champagne smarts to your fingertips

    If it's not Champagne, the French like to say, it's just bubbles.






China share plunge smacks world markets

A near-9 percent dive in China shares, worst performance since in 2007, sent world stocks and commodity prices tumbling on Monday.

Annual legislative and political advisory sessions

The plenary sessions of the National People's Congress and the National Committee of the Chinese People' s Political Consultative Conference kick off.

Spring Festival trends reflect a changing China

Spring Festival is an annual celebration in China. This year's celebration, which lasts from Feb 18 to Feb 25, is marked by the following features.

Alibaba head meets with regulators

The head of China's quality watchdog met with Alibaba chairman Jack Ma on Monday to discuss the crackdown on fake and shoddy products.

Merger helps nuclear power grow globally

The approved merger of China's two industrial giants in the nuclear power field will strengthen the country's industrial competitiveness when going abroad.

Anti-graft watchdog learns from military tactics

China's venerable strategists may find their mantle inherited by the Central Committee of Discipline Inspection (CCDI), the Party’s disciplinary watchdog.

Rich Chinese pick Apple as gifts choice

Apple overtook Hermes as the most favored brand for giving by China's richest men, followed by Louis Vuitton. Hermes fell to seventh.

National Memorial Day for Nanjing Massacre victims

A state memorial ceremony is held in Nanjing for China's first National Memorial Day for Nanjing Massacre Victims.

Corrupt female officials spark debate

Downfall of two female officials in Shanxi province has drawn attention to the lifestyles of corrupt high-ranking women.


  • Flying the flag in foreign fields

  • Uganda thrives on China ties

    Ambassador of Uganda to China says more tourism infrastructure will fuel sustainable economic growth.

  • Paving the way for a brighter future

    Residents of five counties in western Kenya are looking forward to the potential economic growth of the region once modernization work on a major highway is completed in the next 12 months.

  • Politician seeks investment for Kenya

    Former Kenyan Prime Minister and Orange Democratic Movement leader Raila Odinga is in China for an eight-day visit.



  • Egypt sets Oct election date, after 3 years without parliament

  • IS claims responsibility for car bombing

    Islamic State's Egyptian affiliate said it was behind a car bombing that wounded 29 people near a state security building and courthouse in a Cairo suburb early on Thursday.

  • China, Kenyan law societies mull prisoner extradition

    Kenyan and Chinese law societies kicked off talks Sunday aimed at allowing the two countries to begin extradition of prisoners.

  • China increases efforts on women's rights

    China will increase its efforts to protect women's rights by co-organizing the United Nations' meeting on gender equality and women's empowerment on Sept 27 during the UN General Assembly session in New York.



  • Migrant chaos at Budapest train station

  • Japan criticized for protest over UN chief

    Beijing said on Tuesday that Japan's latest complaints over United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's upcoming visit to China for V-Day commemorations are "completely making trouble out of nothing".

  • Putin takes part in hockey game

    Russian President Vladimir Putin may be nearing his 63rd birthday, but he can still beat a team of kids in hockey.

  • High time for Japan's ruling bloc to listen to its people

    As more than 120,000 people have surrounded Japan's national Diet building and protested at 300 other locations nationwide demanding Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's resignation and retraction of the controversial security bills, maybe it is time for the country's ruling bloc to carefully listen to the public.



  • Kenya makes history, reigns supreme at Beijing World Championships

  • Maria Sharapova withdraws from US Open

    Five-time Grand Slam champion Maria Sharapova withdrew from the US Open on Sunday due to a leg injury.

  • Jamaica's Usain Bolt sprints past doping questions

    Usain Bolt, the 28-year-old sprint great from Jamaica, artfully dodged questions about doping in track and field and his rivalry with twice-suspended US runner Justin Gatlin during a meeting with a select band of journalists in Beijing on Thursday.

  • Soccer association prepares to stand on its own

    Soccer reform takes a major step forward with General Administration of Sport of China removing its grip on the Chinese Football Association.

  • Abe's security bill

  • Amnesty reflects confidence

    The move will incarnate China's spirit of benevolence by extending to wrongdoers a chance at self-correction. The special amnesty also demonstrates China's confidence in its political and legal establishments and promotes social harmony.

  • China and US should focus on what really matters

    We hope that his meetings with US President Barack Obama will give further guidance to the building of a new model of major country relations between our two great nations, and bring greater benefits to our two peoples.

  • Parade a somber reminder of will to maintain peace

    Rather than flexing its military muscles, China aspires to offer a somber reminder of its will and capacity to maintain world peace, as it has done before, by deterring aggression in the future.

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  • Where you can see thousands of dinosaur fossils

  • Rally call of nature

    They came from far and wide in the pursuit of adventure, and the competitors in the annual 5,500-kilometer Taklimakan Rally got that and a lot more besides, not the least of which was the exquisite beauty of the ever-changing landscape of the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.

  • School beneath 'Three Rivers Flow'

    Photo taken on June 4, 2015 shows the entrance of Liguang Primary School at Liguang village in Yulong county, southwest China's Yunnan province. Nestled by Laojun mountain located at the core region of the world natural heritage "Three Rivers Flow", the rural school always enjoys scenic views and mild climate.


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