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  • Four judges in scandal expelled from Party

    2013-08-07 01:35

    Four judges and a State-owned company executive in Shanghai embroiled in a prostitution scandal have been expelled from the Party.

  • New standards boost age-old martial art

    2013-08-07 09:03

    Wushu, a traditional Chinese martial art, has made a major development in global self-promotion with the development of a standardized evaluation system over the past two years.

  • Air force can help combat crowded skies

    2013-08-07 02:44

    The air force could gradually loosen its grip on China's airspace by choosing other options to combat flight delays, aviation experts say.

  • Yogurt festival marked in Lhasa

    2013-08-07 02:07

    Thousands of people celebrated the unrolling of the thangka — a giant religious silk embroidery — to kick off the start of the Lhasa Yogurt Festival on Tuesday.

  • Villas on roof of mall waiting in the wings

    2013-08-06 00:38

    The developer who built 25 villas on the roof of a shopping mall in Hunan province without government approval will not be allowed to sell any of the properties.

  • Obesity rate on the increase

    2013-08-06 07:29

    More Chinese people aged 20 to 39 are becoming overweight and their athletic ability is declining, according to a national survey released on Monday.China's obese population on the rise

  • Abducted baby back with family

    2013-08-06 00:24

    A baby boy allegedly sold by a doctor in Fuping, Shaanxi province, was returned to his parents Monday as six suspects in the case helped police inquiries.

  • Search for Mr Rich goes awry

    2013-08-05 23:27

    Chinese women on the hunt for a rich husband have been warned to be wary of online fraudsters posing as high-class matchmakers or suitors.

  • Shanghai probes sex claims against officials

    2013-08-05 01:30

    Shanghai's top court suspended four judicial officials on Sunday amid allegations from an anonymous blogger that they patronized prostitutes.

  • Privacy 'needed' for young offenders

    2013-08-05 01:03

    Legal experts are calling for better protection of the privacy of juveniles involved in criminal investigations.

  • GPS devices to tackle food waste problem

    2013-08-05 00:18

    Food waste collection trucks and trash cans will be outfitted with a computerized weighing and GPS device in Wuhan to deal with the problem of "gutter oil", illegally recycled cooking oil.

  • Chinese urged to have a living will

    2013-08-04 23:34

    A group advocating living wills, in which people can dictate whether their lives may be artificially extended, has vowed to promote the practice among more people in China.

  • Group a building block for Africa

    An unusually heavy downpour hit Durban for two days before the BRICS summit's debut on African soil, but interest for a better platform for emerging markets were still sparked at the summit.