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  • Demolition work starts on rooftop villa

    2013-08-16 08:12

    Demolition of a rock-covered rooftop villa on a 26-story Beijing apartment block began on Thursday, three days after it was ordered to be removed.

  • Herdsman gets death for wife's murder

    2013-08-16 07:44

    A Tibetan herdsman was given a death sentence by a court on Thursday for murdering his wife, burning her body and making it appear as though it was an act of self-immolation.

  • Violence against doctors on the rise

    2013-08-16 06:19

    Violence against medical staff in Chinese hospitals has been on the rise in recent years, according to a sample survey released by the Chinese Hospital Association (CHA) on Thursday.

  • Former Red Guard issues public apology

    2013-08-15 08:22

    A former Red Guard has published a magazine advertisement apologizing for his wrongdoings during the "cultural revolution" (1966-76), sparking similar confessions and apologies around the country.

  • Court strikes down murder conviction

    2013-08-15 08:00

    A man who has served 17 years of a life sentence in prison for the murder of his wife has been acquitted.

  • Efforts stepped up to curb fraudulent ID card use

    2013-08-15 07:46

    The Ministry of Public Security announced that it will increase efforts to stop criminals using lost or stolen ID cards to make purchases or conduct other illegal business.

  • Minors going online to buy smokes

    2013-08-15 07:30

    Online shopping is emerging as a new challenge to tobacco control, as more young people are using the Internet to purchase cigarettes.

  • On frontline of fight against crime

    2013-08-13 23:44

    The shadows lengthened as evening fell and officer Yue Chaoqun discussed his work, its demands and rewards, as he drove a police van.

  • China has 300,000 social workers

    2013-08-14 06:35

    The number of specialized social workers in China has reached 300,000, including over 80,000 who qualified after passing the government exam, according to a blue book published here on Tuesday.

  • Donors easing transplant shortages

    2013-08-14 08:22

    The fast development of voluntary organ donations have made it possible for hospitals to no longer rely on death-row prisoners for transplants.

  • Journalist nabbed after hostage drama

    2013-08-14 08:08

    A journalist is being held in criminal detention for allegedly keeping a man in illegal custody during a protest over forced home demolitions.

  • Drought takes toll on rice crop

    2013-08-13 08:03

    Agriculture experts worry that a severe drought that began in June may damage the rice harvest in central and eastern China this year, but add that it's too early to know whether the entire country will be affected.

  • Group a building block for Africa

    An unusually heavy downpour hit Durban for two days before the BRICS summit's debut on African soil, but interest for a better platform for emerging markets were still sparked at the summit.