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  • IEA praises China for tackling climate change

    2013-06-11 13:59

    The International Energy Agency (IEA) on Monday praised China for its role in getting the world back on track to tackle the dangers of climate change.

  • WHO updates pandemic influenza guidance

    2013-06-11 13:49

    Amid human infections from H7N9 and MERS-CoV, the World Health Organization Monday released an updated guidance to help coordinate national and intl pandemic preparedness and response.

  • Thousands flee in eastern Germany as dam bursts

    2013-06-10 16:55

    A dam near Saxony-Anhalt state capital Magdeburg in eastern Germany burst overnight on Monday despite attempts to stabilise it, forcing the authorities to ask more than 20,000 people to leave their homes.

  • Turkish police use tear gas to disperse demonstrators

    2013-06-10 10:07

    Turkish police on Sunday used tear gas to disperse demonstrators in Ankara as nationwide protests against the pro-Islamic government.

  • UK firms turning away from credit - survey

    2013-06-09 10:11

    British manufacturers are increasingly turning away from external funding to grow their businesses, a survey found, despite tentative signs that the cost of credit is easing.

  • Swedish Princess Madeleine weds US banker

    2013-06-09 10:03

    Princess Madeleine, fourth in line to the Swedish throne, married US-British banker Christopher O'Neill on Saturday at a ceremony attended by royals and socialites from around the world.

  • Salvation, through avatars

    2013-06-09 07:39

    It is hard to imagine a day when the ideas championed by Dmitry Itskov, 32, a Russian multimillionaire, will not seem far-fetched and unfeasible.

  • Clashes continue in Turkey

    2013-06-08 20:59

    Clashes between protesters and police erupted in the Istanbul neighborhood of Gazi Friday as demonstrations sparked by the demolition of Gezi Park continued.

  • Sweden's Princess Madeleine weds New York banker

    2013-06-08 17:03

    A daughter of the Swedish king marries her US-British banker fiance on Saturday at a wedding to be attended by European royals and socialites from across the Atlantic.

  • Worst floods in a decade continue in Germany

    2013-06-07 09:12

    A young man wades his bicycle in the flooded street past a spill of heating oil in the eastern Bavarian village of Niederalteich, June 6, 2013. Tens of thousands of Germans, Hungarians and Czechs were evacuated from their homes on Wednesday as soldiers raced to pile up sandbags to hold back rising waters in the region's worst floods in a decade.

  • Russian President Putin, wife announce divorce

    2013-06-07 03:38

    Russian President Vladimir Putin and his wife Lyudmila Putina on Thursday announced their divorce.

  • Turkey releases 33 protest supporters by Tweeting

    2013-06-06 18:51

    Thirty-three suspects who had been detained for spreading false information and provoking protests on Twitter were released on Thursday, Turkish Today's Zaman reported.

  • Group a building block for Africa

    An unusually heavy downpour hit Durban for two days before the BRICS summit's debut on African soil, but interest for a better platform for emerging markets were still sparked at the summit.