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  • Northern Ireland riot flares for second day

    2013-07-14 15:11

    Violence flared for a second night around traditional Orange Day parades in Northern Ireland, with police coming under attack from petrol bombs, fireworks, stones and bottles and responding with water cannon.

  • Disabled people seek sex lives

    2013-07-14 10:59

    Sexual surrogates are legal in most countries that allow prostitution, like Switzerland, Germany and Denmark.

  • French train derailment kills six

    2013-07-14 04:12

    French police have said that the final death toll in Friday's train derailment south of Paris is now definitive at six.

  • Moscow pileup kills 12, injures at least 19

    2013-07-13 18:43

    At least 12 people were killed and 19 others injured on Saturday when several vehicles collided in Moscow, the Emergency Situations Ministry said.

  • Spain's Pamplona bull run ends in stampede

    2013-07-13 17:11

    Several people were injured in a stampede at Spain's San Fermin bull run on Saturday, when bulls that had chased them down the cobbled streets of Pamplona were crushed against them at the narrow entrance to the bullring.

  • 6 dead in France train crash; 9 gravely injured

    2013-07-13 04:50

    France's Interior Ministry has lowered the death toll in a train derailment outside Paris to six and says nine people have been gravely injured.

  • Snowden seeks political asylum in Russia

    2013-07-13 01:40

    Former US spy agency contractor Edward Snowden plans to apply for political asylum in Russia, a Russian parliamentarian said Friday.
    Snowden meets Russian human rights groups
    No movement after Obama-Putin talk on Snowden
    Comment: Fallout of Snowden expose

  • Snowden meets Russian human rights groups

    2013-07-12 22:01

    Russian political scientist Vyacheslav Nikonov (C) speaks to journalists after arriving at Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow July 12, 2013. Former intelligence agency contractor Edward Snowden asked to meet human rights groups at a Moscow airport on Friday to discuss what he called threatening and illegal behaviour by the United States to prevent him gaining asylum. Nikonov is one of the people Snowden asked to see.

  • Cameron attends British soldier's funeral

    2013-07-12 21:55

    Over a thousand well-wishers including Prime Minister David Cameron gathered at a military funeral on Friday for the British soldier who was hacked to death in broad daylight on a street in Woolwich, southeast London, two months ago.

  • Italian mayor arrested over mafia links

    2013-07-12 19:26

    Italian police on Friday detained dozens of people throughout Italy suspected of having links with mafia including a mayor and five of his councilors.

  • Snowden to meet with activists, lawyers

    2013-07-12 15:16

    Former US spy agency contractor Edward Snowden planned to meet with Russian activists, lawyers as well as representatives from other organizations on Friday

  • Irish lawmakers back 'life saving' abortion bill

    2013-07-12 14:32

    Lawmakers overwhelmingly voted Friday to back Ireland's first bill on abortion, legalizing the practice in exceptional cases where doctors deem the woman's life at risk from her pregnancy.

  • Group a building block for Africa

    An unusually heavy downpour hit Durban for two days before the BRICS summit's debut on African soil, but interest for a better platform for emerging markets were still sparked at the summit.