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  • China asks the EU to ease visa restrictions for investors

    2013-10-25 02:59

    Vice-Premier Ma Kai urged the European Union to take concrete measures to facilitate visa and work permit application for Chinese investors to Europe.

  • Growing row to eclipse EU summit

    2013-10-25 00:32

    A growing row over United States spying is set to dominate a European Union summit in Brussels starting on Thursday after revelations Angela Merkel's calls may have been monitored.

  • Investment deal a work in progress

    2013-10-24 01:28

    Vice-Premier Ma Kai and his European counterparts are expected to start preparatory work in Brussels on Thursday and Friday to pave the way for a long-awaited investment agreement next month, when leaders from the two sides will hold a summit in China.

  • Chinese protest UK 'fishing' raids

    2013-10-24 01:21

    When British Chancellor George Osborne and London Mayor Boris Johnson visited China this month, they perhaps did not expect what was happening back in London's Chinatown.

  • London Chinatown protests UKBA raids

    2013-10-23 09:07

    Restaurants and shops across London Chinatown shut down on Tuesday in a protest against what business owners describe as "discriminatory" raids by the UK Border Agency.

  • Profile: Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev

    2013-10-22 10:06

    Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev started a two-day visit to China on Tuesday as a guest of Premier Li Keqiang.

  • UK official looks to China for support

    2013-10-22 01:35

    China and Britain should cooperate more closely on transport and aviation, the UK's secretary of state for transport Patrick McLoughlin told China Daily.London mayor hails free trade, subway system during visit

  • Couple due in court over girl's abduction

    2013-10-22 00:35

    A Roma couple was due to appear in a Greek court on Monday over their suspected abduction of a 4-year-old girl dubbed the "blonde angel", whose discovery has prompted thousands of calls from parents with missing children.

  • Violin played on Titanic auctioned

    2013-10-21 14:15

    A violin that was being played as the Titanic went down was sold for 900,000 pounds ($1.46million) at auction on Saturday, a record price for memorabilia from the doomed ocean liner.

  • Travelers to Europe bypass attractions of Belgium, Brussels

    2013-10-21 00:44

    Xu Hairong, a friend from my home province of Sichuan, recently made her first trip to Europe with her parents. Living in the European capital for more than three years, I was eager to show my friend around the tiny but picturesque Belgium if our schedules permitted.

  • Post-baby Duchess

    2013-10-19 09:43

    Britain's Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge attends a SportsAid athlete workshop at the Copper Box in the Olympic Park in London October 18, 2013.

  • Greece riveted by mystery of 'blonde angel'

    2013-10-20 09:33

    Greek police have asked Interpol to help them track down the real parents of a blonde girl with green eyes who was found in a Roma camp in central Greece.

  • Group a building block for Africa

    An unusually heavy downpour hit Durban for two days before the BRICS summit's debut on African soil, but interest for a better platform for emerging markets were still sparked at the summit.