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  • THE WEEK Dec 14: Victoria's Secret upstaged

    2012-12-14 17:46

    The annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show kicked off to the delight of millions of viewers. Recently,a group of feminists decided to spoof the company by creating a line they called Consent,their panties featured phrases like, "Let's talk about sex,"and, "Ask first." But with all the hype focused around Victoria's Secret, most other media outlets forgot about an even better fashion show: the men's long underwear fashion show.

  • THE WEEK Dec 7: Actor performs miracle?

    2012-12-07 17:24

    Actor John Travolta attended an event in Shanghai, China, this week. The event's emcee had a friend who had recently broken his ankle in a car accident. Travolta, a Scientologist, saw his chance to step up and help using a healing method Scientologists call an assist.

  • THE WEEK Nov 30: Black Friday

    2012-11-30 15:39

    Last week in the United States, people were "celebrating" Black Friday. On the day after Thanksgiving, retail stores throughout the country offer ridiculously good deals to entice shoppers to spend all of their money. What it ends up being is chaos.

  • THE WEEK Nov 23: Meaningless record broken

    2012-11-23 21:45

    A lazy Australian guy broke the world record for consecutive hours playing video games. He played more than 140 hours, alternating between sitting down and standing on an exercise machine. What's more, he also took 20 hours of breaks during the feat.

  • THE WEEK Nov 16: US military or reality TV?

    2012-11-16 16:54

    General David Patraeus having an affair with the woman who wrote his biography. Patraeus stepped down from his role as director of the CIA and has since been torn apart in the media. Granted, the guy made a stupid choice. But now that the story is out there and he's out of his role, why do people still care so much? If you want drama, go watch reality TV.

  • THE WEEK Nov 9: US election finally ends

    2012-11-09 16:31

    All the hype leading up to the presidential election in the US will finally end, as Election Day came and passed this week. In Beijing, final results were coming in early Wednesday morning, and people were very excited - excited for the drama to finally end.

  • THE WEEK Nov 2: The odd of the storm

    2012-11-02 16:27

    Hurricane Sandy has been a devastating storm - destroying property, causing power outrages and flooding cities. It's such a tragedy. All of the media attention leading up to the storm gave some people the chance to grab their few seconds of fame on the local TV news stations.

  • THE WEEK Oct 26: Happy Halloween

    2012-10-26 16:05

    Next week is Halloween, and in many places children will be going from house to house dressed in costumes in search of candy. Another Halloween activity is pumpkin carving. In the US, where it is legal to own guns, some crazy guy has found a new way to carve pumpkins.

  • THE WEEK Oct 19: Britney gets hit again

    2012-10-19 14:34

    Britney Spears' mom wrote a book blaming the years of Britney's craziness and bad behavior on the singer's former manager. Now, the manager is suing the Spears family, claiming the book is full of lies just to make him look bad.

  • THE WEEK Oct 12: Gaga gags on stage

    2012-10-12 18:16

    Super pop icon Lady Gaga puked on stage, in Barcelona, Spain, this week. And her back-up dancer seemed to be reenacting the whole thing through his dance moves. Something weird must be going on with these pop stars, because Justin Bieber was doing the same thing just last week.

  • THE WEEK Sept 28: Madonna endorses(?) Obama

    2012-09-28 16:30

    This week, Madonna took it upon herself to encourage people to vote for Obama at a recent concert in Washington DC. Madonna's really been on a roll this year making a fool out of herself on stage.

  • THE WEEK Sept 21: Biggest biceps ever

    2012-09-21 13:21

    A man from Egypt set the world record for having the biggest bicep muscles. Those things are huge! And he works out his biceps to make himself look better. Think again, buddy.

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