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  • THE WEEK June 14: Creatures vs Humans

    2013-06-14 10:30

    China launched a shuttle this week, as three of the country's astronauts make their way to a space station for routine work.

  • THE WEEK June 7: Solve the problem!

    2013-06-07 13:27

    Chinese President Xi Jinping will meet US President Barack Obama Friday and Saturday to discuss a number or urgent issues - one of which is cyber security.

  • THE WEEK May 31: You naughty boy

    2013-06-03 10:06

    Toronto is burning with anger after a report claiming there is a video that shows the city's mayor smoking crack cocaine.

  • May 24: You're doing it wrong

    2013-05-24 16:37

    See what happens when pop musicians get too confident. Plus, find out why your diet might be killing you. "I've made a huge mistake."

  • THE WEEK May 17: Gas pump prank goes viral

    2013-05-19 15:00

    A couple in Los Angeles was in the right place at the right time this week when they went to fill their gas tank.

  • THE WEEK May 10: Superhero neighbor rescues women

    2013-05-13 10:58

  • THE WEEK May 3: Champions of facial hair

    2013-05-03 17:59

    As you may know by now, we at The Week love facial hair. Growing and styling facial hair is an art form. The competitors and the International Beard and Mustache Championships know that better than anyone. This year, the competition took place in Pforzheim, Germany.

  • THE WEEK April 26: Jumping into the spotlight

    2013-04-26 17:42

    A video going viral this week will have you jumping up and down in excitement. A woman shows off her skills with a jump rope in one of the coolest videos we've seen in a while. She's got some serious talent, and she shows it off all over the world. Try this at home!

  • THE WEEK April 19: You are beautiful

    2013-04-19 16:17

    In light of a number of tragedies that struck this week around the world, we've decided to change up our style a bit. Sometimes you need a purely positive message. Dove brought just that to the Internet this week. Their new campaign sets out to tell you one thing: "You're more beautiful than you think."

  • THE WEEK April 12:Call him an egg head

    2013-04-12 16:29

    A young man in the US broke an unusual world record this week. In one minute, he cracked 142 eggs using only his head, beating the record by more than ten eggs. Talk about a waste of eggs! And the crowd is going nuts. Sometimes it's shocking to see what some people will do when they are on camera.

  • THE WEEK March 29: Say what?!

    2013-03-29 15:12

    Parts of the midwestern and southern United States were hit with severe weather last week. Some of the storms produced hail storms with chunks of ice the size of tennis balls raining down and hitting buildings, cars and people. The scene was crazy. But one woman interviewed on a local TV news station described it best.

  • THE WEEK March 22: Rodman's trip to DPRK

    2013-03-22 17:14

    Arguably the most extravagant player in NBA history, Dennis Rodman, has a new friend: the 28-year-old leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un. On a trip with Vice Media to North Korea for what some have called an attempt at "basketball diplomacy", Rodman found friendship in the country's young leader. He spoke about his experience on national television in the US.

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  • Group a building block for Africa

    An unusually heavy downpour hit Durban for two days before the BRICS summit's debut on African soil, but interest for a better platform for emerging markets were still sparked at the summit.