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  • THE WEEK March 15: Nap your way to health

    2013-03-15 16:59

    Studies show napping as an adult has many health benefits like enhancing performance, relieving stress and improving your mood. In 1999, a US professor created National Napping Day. But don't nap too long, which may have negative impacts on your health. If one of your good friends is a habitual nap-taker, here are a few ways to make sure they don't oversleep.

  • THE WEEK March 8: Celebrating Women's Day

    2013-03-08 17:51

    March 8 is International Women's Day. Women have done some amazing things in this world. Women's accomplishments throughout history have been influential beyond measure.

  • THE WEEK March 1: Oscars show stoppers

    2013-03-01 18:38

    Angelina Jolie's leg stole the show at the 2012 Academy Awards. In 2013, it was Anne Hathaway's nipples. After making their "pointed" debut on the red carpet, Hathaway's nips had their own blog and Titter account. Titter? I meant Twitter.

  • THE WEEK Feb 22: Meteor slams Russia

    2013-02-22 17:45

    A giant fireball from space crashed in Russia. Late last week, a meteor entered Earth's atmosphere at a rate of 30 kilometers per second, crashing into the country's Ural Mountain region. Experts said the meteorite's impact was exponentially stronger than that of an atom bomb.

  • THE WEEK Feb 8: Party on

    2013-02-07 20:03

    Spring Festival, also known as the week-long holiday is China's biggest celebration. And one of the biggest celebrations in the US also took place this week for Super Bowl Sunday. It's surprising how similar the festivities can be. Lots of food and beer. But one major difference is that in China, fireworks will be exploding all day and night for the next week.

  • THE WEEK Feb 1: Pollution blankets Beijing

    2013-02-01 00:15

    You have probably heard about the air pollution that has blanketed Beijing for the last two or three weeks. And it's really bad. Facemask sales have sky-rocketed, even temporarily selling out on Taobao, China's e-Bay. So the government started proposing ideas on how to clean up the air. But what's the immediate solution?

  • THE WEEK Jan 25: I'm a victim

    2013-01-25 18:04

    American college football player, Manti Te'o, was tossed into the national spotlight this season after tragedy in his family fueled his desire to win. Then, a blog called Deadspin found out that his girlfriend did not exist. Was Te'o a victim? Or did he perpetrate these lies to boost his popularity?

  • THE WEEK Jan 18: Gun control

    2013-01-18 17:49

    In recent weeks, gun control policies in the United States have been the center of heated debates. Conservatives believe that Americans should be able to own whatever guns they want. Their opponents believe that easy access to guns has led to a number of very violent crimes.

  • THE WEEK Jan 11: Call it time out

    2013-01-11 15:32

    The national championship game for college football in the United States took place this week,. Like in many one-sided games, the announcers began to get distracted. This time, the 73-year-old broadcaster got infatuated with one of the player's girlfriends, and some people thought his on-air compliments to the woman were a bit over the top.

  • THE WEEK Jan 4: New Year special

    2013-01-04 17:34

    If you remembered we rang in 2012 with our predictions for the year, you should know we were right about everything. Obama was elected, London's Olympics did not shine Beijing's. This year, we are challenging ourselves.

  • THE WEEK Dec28: Viral songs of 2012

    2012-12-28 17:36

    The Year 2012 is a big one. So many big stories, ranging from zombie takeovers to new world leaders. While we could take the time to explain to you each and every major story from this year, we came up with a much better idea: to bring you the year 2012 in viral songs.

  • THE WEEK Dec 21: Christmas special

    2012-12-20 17:48

    Each year, hundreds of people gather in cities around the world for Santacon, an even for which participants dress up like the jolly, red man and go from pub to pub to spread cheer and holiday greetings. But don't think you can get away with messing with him. Turns out, Santa is pretty fierce.

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  • Group a building block for Africa

    An unusually heavy downpour hit Durban for two days before the BRICS summit's debut on African soil, but interest for a better platform for emerging markets were still sparked at the summit.