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Trending news across China Oct 16

Updated: 2013-10-16 10:10
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People pay respects to the 79-year-old hero who gave his life to save a drowning child, and find out what London Mayor Boris Johnson thinks of Beijing's underground where he didn't have to mind the gap – it's all trending across China.

Blind acceptance

While guide dogs are currently prohibited, sometimes scolded and driven away, from entering many public places, Chen Yan, a blind piano tuner, and Jenny, Chen's guide dog, who both appeared in a performance at the Olympic Games, are trying to persuade people to accept guide dogs in a video. Jenny holds a post saying, "I am guide dog Jenny. I only want to lead my mother to see the world. Do you want to accept me? " The video has been reposted almost 40,000 times as of Thursday morning with most saying they accept guide dogs.  (Video link: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNjIxMTczNDE2.html)

London mayor rides metro

Trending news across China Oct 16

Visiting London Mayor Boris Johnson went native in Beijing by taking an underground trip on Tuesday. He was spotted at 3:40 pm and caused a little buzz at Xidan station. He was traveling from Xidan to Gongzhufen on Line 1. The subway was clean and in order, according to Johnson, but was crowded during non-rush hour, Beijing News reported.

Emergency PIN

An old man tortured by serious sickness was required by a bank in Shaanxi province to go to the branch himself to reset a locked password on a bank account, CCTV reported. A bank worker reportedly said this is required by the rules of the bank. The family had to resort to an ambulance for help. The man finally reached the bank with the help of five medical workers.

Millionaire lovers

A high-end matchmaking party was held in Beijing on Oct 7 with a lie detector deployed on the scene, Beijing News reported. Only men with at least 5 million yuan were qualified to join and 39,800 yuan is needed to meet the rich beauties. The organizer of the party said the lie detector can help tell if the men are really rich or the women sincerely seeking for their Mr. Right.

Testing city

Having a Beijing hukou, registered permanent residence, is a dream for many people, with some have even been working and living in the city for many years. A professor from Tsinghua University recently suggested that an examination be held to decide whether outsiders of Beijing are qualified, Beijing Evening Post reported. The government can also learn from the "work permit system" overseas and those without work permits should be considered illegal.

Temple apology

An old temple in Jiangxi province who asked tourists to make a three-step-one-bow pilgrimage if they would like to visit a giant Buddha apologized on Tuesday. A staffer of the temple said the area is still under construction and the requirement is only for Buddhists. Now the temple has removed the post asking for the pilgrimage and temperately prohibits tourists from entering the area.

Hero, 79, drowns

Chen Guangtan, 79, drowned in a five meter-deep pond while trying to save three children on Sunday in Ziyang, Southwest China's Sichuan province. Yang Jiaxin, 9, was saved, while his two friends also drowned. Chen could not swim and had difficulty walking, one of his relatives said at his funeral, wccdaily.scol.com.cn reported.

School bus death

A two-year-old boy was found dead on a school bus Monday in Hubei province. The boy, surnamed Wang, was taking the bus to preschool in Qichun county, Guanggang city. The bus driver and caretaker are being held on suspicion of leaving the child alone on the bus. Local police began an investigation, saying it's uncertain whether he suffocated to death. (www. cnhubei.com)

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    An unusually heavy downpour hit Durban for two days before the BRICS summit's debut on African soil, but interest for a better platform for emerging markets were still sparked at the summit.