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PLA Navy warships conduct West Pacific training

Updated: 2013-05-21 17:25
( Xinhua)

ABOARD HUAIHUA WARSHIP - A People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy fleet returned to a military port in East China's Fujian province on Tuesday after finishing a 16-day training session in the West Pacific Ocean.

The training session included combat readiness patrols, open sea mobility exercises and comprehensive offense and defense exercises, as well as drills related to offshore supply operations and rescue operations.

The fleet consists of missile frigates Huaihua and Foshan and the supply ship Qiandaohu, all from the navy's Donghai Fleet.

After the fleet entered the South China Sea en route to Bashi Channel, it completed civilian vessel boarding and inspection exercises, as well as drills related to island defense.

Fleet commander Chen Lin said the drills enhanced the vessels' combat capabilities, as well as allowed for the collection of weather and hydrology data.

The exercise was part of the PLA Navy's annual training plan. The fleet was the fourth sent by the PLA Navy to train in the West Pacific so far this year.

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