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Unusual but true: Wizard wedding

Updated: 2015-06-12 08:52

Meet Roger, kangaroo superstar

Unusual but true: Wizard wedding

Roger enjoys his ‘hobby’ of crushing a feed bucket with his bare paws. [Photo/IC]


Just a week after pictures of a two-meter eastern grey kangaroo emerged stalking suburban streets, a challenger has stepped forward - and he's not shy to flex his muscles.

The unlucky-turned-fortunate Roger – a red, and the largest of all kangaroos - was rescued from a highway where his mother was found dead in 2006. He was just a baby then but is now more than two meters tall, weighing 90kg, and will probably grow bigger.

When he is not occupied fighting and threatening other male ‘roos, he enjoys bodybuilding, which usually involves crushing his metal feed bucket.

According to Chris Barnes, manager of The Kangaroo Sanctuary, a wildlife reserve in Alice Springs, who is also Roger’s “step mother”, the giant is trained in hand-to-hand combat and can throw his opponent on his back with an easy kick.

So don’t even think about having a showdown with Roger, even his human mom knows it’s better to leave him alone.

Unusual but true: Wizard wedding

Roger shows off his muscles. [Photo/IC]

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