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Poverty key to Africa's conflicts: UNSC

Updated: 2013-04-16 16:22
( Xinhua)

Ethiopian Ambassador Tekeda Alemu, speaking on behalf of the African Union (AU), highlighted the increasing role Africa itself was playing in resolving conflicts on the continent and the growing cooperation between the UN and the AU.

"More than any time in the past, Africa is ready to play its part for peace and stability in the continent, and it has the wherewithal to be a good partner for the United Nations and the Security Council for the realization of this objective," he said.

Li Baodong, China's permanent representative to the UN, underscored the importance of the continent's problems and the complications surrounding them.

"Africa remains the continent with the highest concentration of conflicts and most fragile security situation," he told the council. "Taking effective measures to prevent African conflicts, in particular addressing the root causes of African conflicts, is of great significance for the maintenance of peace and security in the world."

"There are territorial, religious and ethnic problems left over by history. There are also realistic problems faced by African countries such as poverty, underdevelopment and weak capacity," he said. "Addressing the root causes of the conflicts in Africa calls for integrated measures by addressing both the symptoms and the root causes."

Li cited aid for economic growth and social progress as fundamental means to address the root causes, calling on the international community to further increase investment in Africa.

"Developed countries should be positive and open-minded in viewing the mutual beneficial cooperation between the emerging countries and Africa, and should work together with them for the rejuvenation and development of Africa," he said.

"The will of African countries should be fully respected," Li said,noting the "biggest bottleneck" to development was "resources and capacity constraints".

Li expressed the hope that the UN would "enhance coordination and cooperation with Africa and actively respond to the request of Africa for the deployment of UN peacekeeping operations and provision of financial, technical support."

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