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  • Daniel Wu's 'imaginary enemies'

    2013-10-21 11:26

    Hong Kong star Daniel Wu sits down with China Daily to talk more than his new film “Control”, to be released on Dec 5.

  • The Sound Stage: Che Nian Po

    2013-03-06 14:59

    Che Nian Po (which roughly translates to a train demolishing a hillside) believes that ancient Chinese culture should be treasured and preserved.

  • Reel China:Tears in Heaven

    2012-11-29 10:07

    This week, we are taking a look at "Tears in Heaven", a Chinese drama starring Lu Yi and Jing Tian.

  • Reel China:Cold War

    2012-11-21 16:26

    This week, we are taking a look at "Cold War", a Hong Kong thriller starring Tony Leung Kafai, Aaron Kwok, and Eddie Peng.

  • Reel China: Whoever

    2012-11-21 16:09

    This week, we are taking a look at "Whoever", a romantic comedy starring Jaycee Chan, Jang Nara and Shen Taoran.

  • Reel China: Taichi II

    2012-11-21 15:50

    This week, we are taking a look at "Taichi II", a Chinese martial arts epic starring Angelababy, Eddie Peng and William Feng.

  • The Sound Stage: Residence A

    2012-09-26 16:59

    Most people want to label everything. People fear what they don't understand, and the quickest way to understand something is to give it a name. Residence A doesn't know exactly what to call their style of music, but we do know one thing - it rocks!

  • The Sound Stage: Bedstars

    2012-09-26 16:59

    This band is all about what rock and roll means at its very foundation - being young, wild and having a good time. Rowdy, randy and shameless, Bedstars plays a dirty form of blues and punk rock that'll really wet your whistle.

  • The Sound Stage: Hedgehog

    2012-09-26 16:58

    Don't be fooled by apperances. From a glance, the Hedgehog looks like an adorable, cuddly animal, but if you get too close and make it angry, you'd watch out for it's spikes!

  • The Sound Stage: Nova Heart

    2012-09-26 16:57

    Helen Feng is a Chinese-American who grew up in Los Angeles. She moved to China to pursue the American Dream of being an artist. So far she has been in several notable bands, and Nova Heart is the latest one.

  • The Sound Stage: Band of Travelers

    2012-09-26 16:56

    The wide expanse of China is home to many ethnic minorities, each with their own languages, traditions, customs and of course - music.  This group has traveled to Beijing to share their sounds with the denizens of the city.

  • The Sound Stage: Misandao

    2012-09-26 16:55

    Misando is a band of Chinese skinheads who have something they want you to hear. Their music is upbeat and catchy, and the more you listen the more you will bang your head. Best listened to at full volume, Misando reminds you to not judge appearances, but rather matters of the heart.

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  • Group a building block for Africa

    An unusually heavy downpour hit Durban for two days before the BRICS summit's debut on African soil, but interest for a better platform for emerging markets were still sparked at the summit.