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UK's super teen girl

Updated: 2013-12-06 07:56
( icpress.cn)
UK's super teen girl

Laresce Browne, 16, shows how strong she is by lifting muscle man, Chis Hedge, 33. Pound-for-pound petit 16-year-old Laresce Browne from Eccles in Manchester is now the UK's strongest female teenager with six British and World Champion powerlifting records under her belt -- yet until just two-years ago a condition called hypermobility left her in so much pain she was unable to take part in sport. But rather than let her condition limit her life Laresce took inspiration from her weight-lifting dad, Support Worker Adam Browne, 39, and began lifting iron. This cured her pain and she became champion in her field thanks to her bendiness. Laresce has a UK record for deadlifting over Twice her own bodyweight by lifting 105 kilogrammes from a bent over position and can bench press her own bodyweight of 50 kilogrammes. [Photo/icpress.cn]

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