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Egypt needs stability, sensibleness and forgiveness

Updated: 2013-08-01 22:03
( chinadaily.com.cn)

Seriousness and patience are necessary for the Egyptians in their pursuit for the suitable development path for their country, said an article in the People's Daily (excerpts below).

The conflicts between supporters and opponents of former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi are thought-provoking. Similar chaos happened two years ago. The world is now asking what a divided Egypt needs most.

The country needs stability, which is the foundation to realize all good objectives. Violence can only escalate the uncertainties of the country. The country also needs forgiveness to accommodate the nationals' differing opinions. Mutual understanding is vital while the country is at a crossroad.

The country needs sensibleness. It has a population of about 90 million and the unemployment rate has hit 30 percent. It is impractical for such a big country to revert its economic decline quickly. The Egyptians should find the right way to recover the economy through deep thinking and practices. Seriousness and patience are indispensable.

China sincerely hopes Egypt can have stability, forgiveness and practicality. We appeal all parties to stop the violence and avoid new conflicts. All divergences should be resolved through dialogues for the interest of not only the country and the people but also of the whole region.

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