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China 'committed to safeguarding' peace

Updated: 2016-06-01 01:55
By Zhao Huanxin and Hu Yongqi (China Daily)

Premier Li says neighbors must 'optimize common interests, manage differences'

China 'committed to safeguarding' peace

Premier Li Keqiang, accompanied by China Daily Publisher and Editor in Chief Zhu Ling (right), meets Suthichai Yoon of Nation Multimedia Group of Thailand and other Asia News Network executives in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on Tuesday. FENG YONGBIN / CHINA DAILY

China does not intend to assume a role as Big Brother, but instead seeks to build a community of a shared future with all its neighbors, Premier Li Keqiang said in Beijing on Tuesday.

"There are no grounds for China to become a superpower, and neither does China have the intention to be one," Li said.

"China has a long way to go to realize modernization. It needs a stable regional and peaceful international environment, and China is committed to safeguarding that environment."

The premier made the remarks while answering a question from Suthichai Yoon, chief adviser of Nation Multimedia Group, at the Great Hall of the People on Tuesday during a meeting with a delegation from 21 Asian media outlets. The media representatives gathered in Beijing for the two-day annual board meeting of the Asia News Network.

The ANN, founded in 1999, is one of the world's biggest media alliances. It comprises leading, mostly English-language news groups with a combined readership of at least 14 million.

Zhu Ling, publisher and editor-in-chief of China Daily, is the acting chairman of the ANN for 2015-16.

The event coincides with China Daily's 35th anniversary, which falls on Wednesday.

Li said that even if China can realize modernization in the coming decades, Beijing will not seek hegemony, and nor will it bully any country, however small that nation is in terms of population or landmass.

Just as a person might accidentally bite his lips, it is only natural that neighbors will have differences, the premier emphasized, but the key is to address such disparities in a calm, diplomatic way.

"I firmly believe that our era is one that needs peace and cooperation," he said. "The common interests among China and its neighbors are way greater than disparities, and we can always optimize the common interests and better manage our differences."

Endy M. Bayuni, editor-in-chief of The Jakarta Post, said he was very impressed that Premier Li answered all of the questions, which Bayuni described as serious and tough ones.

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