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Trending news across China on Sept 20

Updated: 2013-09-20 16:26
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Money rains down on a Beijing community. Pop diva and her ex celebrate festival with their child. And five-kernal moon cake fans defend the sweet - it's all trending across China.

Money rain

Trending news across China on Sept 20

Money literally rained down on the residents of a Beijing community in early September. According to Beijing News, the "rain," worth 300,000 yuan, was made by a criminal gang just before they were captured by police in a community of Chaoyang district. Police said they detained seven members of the fraud ring responsible for touting medical papers, counterfeiting well-known medical journals and cheating doctors and nurses into buying space for their academic papers. The suspects confessed they usually relied on online advertising and had cheated their victims out of millions of yuan since they started the scheme in 2009. All the discarded notes have been retrieved from the residents who picked them up.

Ancient silver sycees

Trending news across China on Sept 20

A farmer in Xunyang county in Shaanxi province dug out 25 ancient silver sycees, a type of silver ingot currency used in ancient China, as he laid a foundation in his yard on Tuesday. However, 23 of them were taken over by the local heritage sector who claimed the sycees might be historical relics that need identification, Huashang Daily reported Thursday.

Officials with the local cultural relic administration said they will return the sycees to the farmer if they are proved not to be relics and if approved by higher authorities. The farmer argued he should receive a reward for handing in relics, but the official said the rewards only given those who take the initiative in the handover.

Lawyers say China's General Principles of the Civil Law regulates that buried or concealed objects whose owners are unknown shall belong to the state unless the finder can prove the object belongs to him, but the precondition is that the object is not an historical relic or historical relic that can be held by individuals in accordance with the law.

Cancer girl

Trending news across China on Sept 20

Lu Chao, 24, whose online name is "Lu Ruoqing," and was diagnosed with leukemia in 2012 and named as "the most beautiful cancer fighter," died on Thursday in hospital in Beijing. Lu once drew public attentions for her posts about her daily struggles on Sina Weibo. Her identity was once doubted but those rumors were soon dismissed. Xue Manzi, a celebrity blogger who was detained over visiting prostitutes several days ago, had initiated a charity program which raised more than 1 million yuan for Lu with the help of China Youth Development Foundation. "I have no confidence in myself," Lu wrote in her last Weibo post.

Diva singer's Mid-Autumn Festival

Trending news across China on Sept 20

Faye Wong, a pop singer, and her ex-husband Li Yapeng, a former actor and now a businessman, were unexpectedly back to the public eye as they took their daughter to a Beijing restaurant on Thursday to enjoy the Mid-Autumn Festival. This is just several days after they shocked fans with divorce announcement and a day after they responded to nun and extramarital affairs rumors. Their elusive behavior has added more drama to their story.

Gold rush for new iPhone

Apple's new favorites, iPhones 5s and 5C, both went on sale today at 8 am in the Chinese mainland. It was the first time China was one of the first markets to sell the new iPhones. Although the new devices are marred with a less-useful fingerprint scanner and a disappointing price, some Apple fans still queued up for a long time to buy their beloved phones. The gold-colored iPhone was said to be the most popular device, which sold out immediately in the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong, according to reports and online buyers desperate to snap one up. At the same time, Apple's new operating system, iOS 7, was officially launched.

Moon cake with five-kernel fillings

Trending news across China on Sept 20

As the moon cake with five-kernel fillings is deemed to be the worst tasting moon cake by Chinese Internet users, more and more people defended the sweet. They noted unusual fillings that are much worse, such as Szechuan pickled vegetable, pork and spicy cabbage, fermented bean curd, cranberry sauce with red wine and curry beef. Moon cake, as one of the most classic Chinese foods with the symbol of reunion, has changed a lot over time, but the traditional styles with fillings of ham, jujube paste, sweetened bean paste and egg-yolk and lotus seed paste are still the most popular.

Comments on "Legend of Zhenhuan"

Trending news across China on Sept 20

Popular Chinese TV series "Legend of Zhenhuan" was reported to spread flawed values by People's Daily, one of China's most authoritative newspapers. The report compared the drama with another imperial harem drama based in South Korea, "Dae Jang Geum", saying "Legend of Zhenhuan" overstated the intrigue between the emperor's concubines in the imperial palace of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) with critical and meticulous plots, and "Dae Jang Geum" had the right values, which reflects only by insisting that justice can eventually prevail over evil."

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