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Trending news across China on Sept 18

Updated: 2013-09-18 10:26
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Gift giving loophole

Gift givers have tapped online shopping in the wake of a crackdown on government spending for the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, two gift-sending occasions. Most online stores offer invoice delivery service, creating loopholes as shoppers can label the items themselves. For example, hairy crabs, a popular gift item, can be listed as stationery on the invoice. (www.chinanews.com)

Heaven Sword

Trending news across China on Sept 18

When a young man was asked to dump his wooden sword before boarding a plane at Baiyun International Airport in Guangzhou, he began demonstrating some martial arts moves using the sword, which was carved with "Heaven Sword" (Yitianjian), a famous weapon from one of Jin Yong's most renowned martial arts novels. The man said he was a big martial arts fan, and fell in love with the sword the moment he saw it while traveling in Guangzhou. (news.xinhuanet.com)

Crocodile meat

A supermarket in Xi'an, Shaanxi province, began selling crocodile meat for 39-54.5 yuan per kilogram, offering a range of body parts, attracting few buyers but much attention from passers-by. Shoppers said it seems terrifying, and the Guangdong delicacy needs some time to be accepted by the Shaanxi stomach. (society.people.com.cn)

Super fish

Trending news across China on Sept 18

A fisherman from Jiayi county in Taiwan caught a 45.5-kilogram brown croaker, a kind of edible fish usually weighing 2 kg to 5 kg on average, even though the fish is not in season. The super fish will be auctioned. One buyer offered 5,050 yuan, which works out to be about 111 yuan/kg. (s1979.com)

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