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Japaned urged to intropect history

Updated: 2013-12-03 04:10
( Xinhua)

BEIJING - China on Monday urged Japan to "face and seriously introspect" its invasion history as this month marks the 70th anniversary of a World War II declaration.

"We urge again the Japanese side to face and seriously introspect its invasion history, honor its words and seriously implement its international responsibilities, so as to gain trust from its Asian neighboring countries and the international community," Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said in a statement.

Hong labelled the Cairo Declaration, which set the tone for the Allies' imminent victory in World War II and the goals for the post-war world order, as a "worldwide recognized important international legal document".

"It's a major achievement of the world's anti-fascist war, and established the foundation for the post-war world order," he said.

He said to celebrate the document's anniversary is aimed at preserving the hard-won peace, stability and development in the Asia-Pacific region and the world at large.

Hong stressed that the declaration provided important legal evidence in terms of international law for China to recover its territory seized and stolen by the Japanese militarism after the WWII.

"In recent years, negative momentum has emerged in Japan's treatment of issues concerning the history," Hong said, adding that some (Japanese) people are challenging publicly the legal force of the Cairo Declaration and the Potsdam Proclamation.

"Its nature is to reverse the verdict on the invasion history, to deny the victory of the world's anti-fascist war and to challenge the post-war world order," Hong said.

Due to that, the Asian victim countries and the international community have raised serious worries and vigilance on Japan's future development, Hong noted.


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