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  • Laowai Not: Western seeds for TCM

    2012-06-04 09:00

    An American studied herbal medicine in the US and is now at home in China, spreading his knowledge about the power of plants.

  • A wedding videographer

    2012-05-29 11:15

    Wang Feng, 27, is a young Chinese man from Henan province. After changing his job three times, he began doing some part-time work for a friend as a wedding videographer. People began seeking his services more often, so he decided to make a living out of it.

  • The Quatuor Diotima from France

    2012-05-28 08:50

    Quatuor Diotima, a French quartet, performed at the Forbidden City Concert Hall in Beijing last Thursday. The four members shared their stories and experiences in China in an interview with China Daily.

  • Laowai, NOT: Doing the 'African do'

    2012-05-15 15:20

    Paul and Martha opened up China's first authentic African hair salon in Beijing. Paul says adjusting to Chinese culture was difficult, but his family is happy here. This is their story.

  • Fashion show in Danish Embassy

    2012-05-13 20:47

    Due to the Danish EU Presidency, the Danish Embassy in China organized an Open Day event to offer Chinese visitors a Danish experience showcasing culture, famous brands, education and career opportunities.

  • Villages in Dali: Milk cows & methane

    2012-05-08 10:40

    A baby cow was born a day before my visit to Li Youqing's home in Nandeng village, Dali prefecture of Yunnan province. The cow was still too weak to stand, curling up in a corner of the house, completely unaware of the elation and promise his birth brought to the family.

  • Moving to Beijing: A meal deliverer

    2012-05-04 16:35

    Liu Chengmei, a meal deliverer, has worked in Beijing for more than 13 years and plans to work for another 6 years, the amount of time it'll take to guarantee her pension. Paying her pension insurance in Beijing earns her better benefits than what she would get in her hometown, Sichuan.

  • Moving to Beijing: A donation collector

    2012-05-04 09:37

    In a public welfare agency called "Family of Workers", Zhao Gongzheng works as the driver for their thrift stores. As a migrant worker himself, Zhao talked about his feeling about the migrant community and called for more help from the society for migrant workers.

  • Special coverage: Moving to Beijing

    2012-05-03 10:22

    More than 3 million people have left their respective hometowns in China to find work in the country's capital. They rely on Beijing to make a living. And the city relies on them just as much.

  • Moving to Beijing: A fossil technician

    2012-05-03 08:53

    Ding Jinzhao, 35, migrated to Beijing for work, but his job is unlike what most migrant workers are used to. He is a technician in charge of fossil specimen repair.

  • Moving to Beijing: A bike repairman

    2012-05-02 16:55

    Xu Xin was born in Henan province. He has lived in Beijing for six years, and a passion for fixing things led him to start a career as a bicycle mechanic five years ago. He doesn't have specific plans for his future, but he feels happy and secure, as his wife supports his choices.

  • Laowai,NOT!: Cultivating Beijing's African roots

    2012-04-28 10:19

    Afrokoko Roots is an international afrobeat band, the band performs afrobeat music, reggae classics, house music and other original songs.

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  • Group a building block for Africa

    An unusually heavy downpour hit Durban for two days before the BRICS summit's debut on African soil, but interest for a better platform for emerging markets were still sparked at the summit.