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  • LeBron James meets fans in Beijing

    2012-08-24 16:29

    When LeBron James appeared at the Beijing Chaoyang Gymnasium, more than 2,000 fans started yelling and cheering to welcome their hero.

  • Laowai Not: Follow me @beijingemily

    2012-08-23 14:32

    Emily, 24, an American girl living in Beijing, spends much of her time bike riding through the city’s hutong and snapping photos with her smart phone. She uses a photo-sharing application called Instagram, on which she has an audience of more than 73,000 people.

  • Li Bo: A hairdresser

    2012-08-20 09:31

    Li Bo dropped out of school 12 years ago and moved to Beijing. After being uncertain about his future for some time, he is now a professional hairdresser, serving some 200 customers each month.

  • Park Games: Rouliqiu

    2012-08-01 17:14

    D J Clark goes to Beijing's Taoranting Park where he discovers a sport invented in Shanxi province 20 years ago that combines tai chi with badminton. Rouliqiu can be played as a competitive sport across a net or individually as a form of therapeutic sport.

  • Laowai Not: American uncovers Chinese rock

    2012-07-19 08:53

    Jonathan Alpart, 27, is an American guy who produces a show called The Sound Stage for China Radio International. Each week, Alpart introduces his audience to a Chinese band through an interview and a live performance.

  • Building new lives: Renovate or demolish

    2012-07-10 15:10

    The Drum and Bell Tower area is located in the middle of the Beijing central axes, which embodies huge historical and cultural value. Two scholars talk about their differing opinions in the final episode of Building New Lives.

  • Building new lives: Liu's business

    2012-07-05 08:43

    Liu Jinmin has been doing a hutong-tour business for five years. As a family located near the Bell tower, the tour service has been very popular among foreigners. But now his house will be demolished, Liu's family will lose this business which they depend on.

  • Building new lives: Rebuild and reuse

    2012-06-25 14:03

    Robin, an architect from Brunei, came to Beijing in the early 2000s. His reconstruction turned the Goddess Temple near the Bell Tower into a fashionable cafe. In this video, Robin talked about his opinion of the renovations and reuse of old buildings and communities.

  • Laowai,NOT: Home and healing

    2012-06-21 08:13

    Tim Baker and his wife co-founded the Shepherd's Field Children's Village in 2003. The organization has cared for more than 4,000 orphans, paid for more than 3,000 operations and medical procedures and facilitated about 900 adoptions.

  • Hello World: Ep.3 Students' story

    2012-06-19 10:07

    Twelve senior officials from around China have temporarily left their posts to undertake 15 weeks of intensive training of English. This video talks about what the students have learned and how they feel about the program.

  • Building new lives: Zhang's memory

    2012-06-18 11:10

    Zhang Wenxiang, 90, has been living near the Bell Tower for nearly 70 years. But now his old house will be demolished due to a road-widening construction project. He spoke about his life over the past decades and all of his good memories.

  • Hello World: Ep.2 Teachers' story

    2012-06-13 15:37

    Twelve senior officials from around China have temporarily left their posts to undertake 15 weeks of the Intensive English Training Program. This video is about how the teachers feel about the program and the students.

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  • Group a building block for Africa

    An unusually heavy downpour hit Durban for two days before the BRICS summit's debut on African soil, but interest for a better platform for emerging markets were still sparked at the summit.