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Culture Insider: Cultural taboos from nine countries

Updated: 2014-08-11 07:00
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Every country has its own traditions and taboos. Rules honored by some countries may be taboos in other countries.

A thread from Quora, a question-and-answer webstie,  addresses the issue of travel etiquette, asking people around the world what tourists should absolutely not to do when visiting their home countries.

Check out some of the top responses below.


Don't stare at naked people: "People are pretty relaxed about nudity, and both men and women will, for example, change on public beaches without any attempt at covering themselves up. You are, however, expected to look away."

Don't unwrap flowers before you give them as a gift: "Germans do this."

Don't ask people about church: "Most attend none, and asking this is seen as intrusive, rude and down right weird."

Don't expect special treatment: "People are very informal here and being on a first-name-basis with anyone short of the King is the norm. Even the prime-minister of Norway is most often referred to by first name."

Culture Insider: Cultural taboos from nine countries

People relax by the roadside at a lake near Stryn, Norway, July 11, 2014. [Photo/IC]

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Culture Insider: Cultural taboos from nine countries

Culture Insider: Cultural taboos from nine countries

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