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The human factor as relief, aid pours in

2014-08-08 09:31

By (China Daily)

Up to 1 million people have been affected by the tragic earthquake in Yunnan province, and the Chinese people are joining hands with survivors and mourners.

China's people have put their hearts and shoulders into rescue and relief efforts as the nation responds to last weekend's earthquake in the country's southwestern Yunnan province. The magnitude-6.5 earthquake hit Ludian county on the afternoon of Aug 3, with its epicenter in Longtoushan town.

The death toll has climbed up to more than 600, and around 1 million people from the surrounding areas have been affected by the strongest earthquake in Ludian since 1974.

As people across the country joined locals in mourning the dead, the central government pledged more than 2.2 billion yuan ($357 million) toward emergency efforts.

Relief supplies from all over the country have landed in the region, along with a steady flow of cash. According to a report from China News Service, Yunnan province had received 275 million yuan in donations from around the country by Thursday morning. More than 100 million people donated small amounts of money via online platforms.

The human factor as relief, aid pours in

A man holds a picture of his family as he stands amid the debris of collapsed buildings in Longtoushan town in Ludian county, Yunnan province, on Aug 4. [Photo/Agencies]

The human factor as relief, aid pours in

The human factor as relief, aid pours in

The human factor as relief, aid pours in

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