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  • Holiday magic

    2012-12-07 14:33

    Taiwan magician Lu Chen will perform at Beijing Workers' Gymnasium during Christmas.His close-up magic show will focus on three objects: his pen, poker cards and coffee cup.

  • Steering Streetcar in a different direction

    2012-12-07 14:14

    In his new theater adaptation of A Streetcar Named Desire, Liu Liang-yen has not only turned it into a musical and changed the setting to contemporary Asia but also has eliminated Stanley Kowalski's role.

  • Graduation capstones

    2012-12-07 13:34

    The Central Academy of Fine Arts' art museum is presenting capstone works by Oil Painting Research Workshop graduates.

  • Night of Kunqu Opera

    2012-12-07 10:58

    The Zhejiang Kunqu Opera Troupe's president Wang Shiyu believes Kunqu Opera is beautiful beyond expression.

  • Dreamscapes cast in shadow

    2012-12-07 10:40

    Swiss photographer Irene Kung focuses her cameras on China's landmarks. The artist use brightness and shadow to reveal architecture's inner realities with dreamlike presentations.

  • Wild Grass grows out

    2012-12-07 09:58

    Wang Yuanyuan and Han Jiang created a dazzling dance show after their controversial The Golden Lotus was banned in China - and that's no coincidence.

  • Wood that glitters

    2012-12-07 08:58

    Discover the beauty and magic of furniture made from jinsi nanmu, or "golden thread wood", at the National Museum of China. Tibetan Buddhist architecture restored

  • Portraits of the plateau

    2012-12-06 09:42

    Artist Wu Changjiang takes more than just inspiration from his journeys through Tibetan areas. A 'pure mind' and artistically gifted Feasible fowl

  • Yuan Dynasty painting sold for 101m yuan at auction

    2012-12-05 15:52

    A panoramic painting scroll by imperial artist Wang Zhenpeng of the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) fetched 101.2 million yuan ($16 million) on Tuesday.

  • New items added to ongoing Renaissance exhibition

    2012-12-05 15:20

    Five paintings and one bronze sculpture were added to Renaissance in Florence: Masterpieces and Protagonists and had been on show at the National Museum of China.

  • Cultural forum calls for broader platform for arts

    2012-12-04 16:55

    Cultural leaders from China and Europe advocated more support for artists at the third European Union-China High Level Cultural Forum and Round Table, which ended on Nov 30 in Beijing.

  • Policy issued for mainland-Taiwan film co-productions

    2012-12-04 15:51

    The SARFT has released a new policy for mainland-Taiwan film co-productions and the importation of films from Taiwan to mainland theaters.

  • Group a building block for Africa

    An unusually heavy downpour hit Durban for two days before the BRICS summit's debut on African soil, but interest for a better platform for emerging markets were still sparked at the summit.