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  • Cash splashed for pricey TV drama

    2012-12-11 13:52

    The Legend of Chu and Han, China's most expensive television drama to date, will be broadcast by Tianjin TV in one month.

  • Surprises at film critics award in Los Angeles

    2012-12-11 09:08

    The French movie about an aging couple, Amour (Love), was the surprise choice for best film of 2012 by the Los Angeles Film Critics Association.

  • Screening culture

    2012-12-11 08:54

    An Austrian scholar of Chinese film hopes to create more points of contact between her homeland and host country's cinema. Blessed month for movie lovers

  • African photography

    2012-12-10 16:08

    Africa: See You, See Me takes its title from the art on a truck known as the "mammy wagon" and seeks to inspire a new representation of its photography, both critical and celebratory.

  • Spaces left behind

    2012-12-10 16:05

    The inaugural exhibition of Artify, a gallery devoted to contemporary print and paper art, will feature the first solo show of Malaysian artist Eiffel Chong.

  • Fusion installation

    2012-12-10 15:20

    Belgian artist Fred Eerdekens combines language and sculpture into one. he uses various mediums, from metal strings to books and synthetic materials.

  • Dance fest

    2012-12-10 15:08

    Shanghai Songs and Dances Troupe will present a gala show. Highlights of its repertoire will be staged.

  • Yuletide cheer

    2012-12-10 15:06

    The New York Harlem Singers are arriving with a specially arranged set of holiday songs on Christmas Eve.

  • Gathering of bands

    2012-12-10 15:05

    Beijing's underground celebrity bands Carsick Cars, Snapline, Mr Graceless and Deadly Cradle Death will perform songs from US rock band Velvet Underground's legendary self-titled album.

  • British film week

    2012-12-10 14:39

    Broadway Cinema has brought some of Britain's most acclaimed drama, thriller, comedy and biopic films for a week-long showcase.

  • Folk culture heritage enthusiasts awarded

    2012-12-10 14:32

    The China Agriculture Film and Television Center recently presented the annual "Country Ceremony" to reward 10 people including Ma Weidu and Chang Jiahuang.

  • France first

    2012-12-10 13:51

    China Art Museum Shanghai's opening exhibition is a blockbuster featuring major 19th and 20th century French artists.

  • Group a building block for Africa

    An unusually heavy downpour hit Durban for two days before the BRICS summit's debut on African soil, but interest for a better platform for emerging markets were still sparked at the summit.