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Wild and fun

2016-08-11 08:20

By (China Daily)

Wild and fun

Born in China, a Sino-US production directed by Lu Chuan, will be released on the Chinese mainland on Friday.[Photo provided to China Daily]

Zhou Xun, a top Chinese actress, has dedicated her voice to the film.

"It's about animals, but it's also about family and love. The film will enable people to easily find an emotional resonance," Zhou says.

"When I recall my childhood, I naturally find the right voice."

In 2015, she dubbed for the Chinese version of Conservation International's short film Nature Is Speaking, and that experience may have played a role in her getting invited to the Sino-US production. Her voice injects a soft tone into the film.

"These are animals that, for the most part, could only be filmed in China," says Phil Chapman, a cinematographer for the film. "We needed a much more intimate connection with lots of detail in order to build the story."

He was a coproducer for the BBC's renowned six-part nature documentary series Wild China.