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Wild and fun

2016-08-11 08:20

By (China Daily)

Wild and fun

Born in China, a Sino-US production directed by Lu Chuan, will be released on the Chinese mainland on Friday.[Photo provided to China Daily]

He has included Tibetan antelopes from Kekexili again in Born in China.

Lu says the new film isn't metaphysical but something fundamental and simple-to tell a good story.

Probably to achieve that goal, Walt Disney created a mesmerizing storyline based on real imagery of animals.

"A good story translates from culture to culture, from country to country," Roy Conli, a producer of the film, says in Beijing. "Some themes are universal, and their (the animals') behavior inspires us."

Conli from Disney Animation Studios produced Tangled in 2010 and the Oscar-winning Big Hero 6 in 2014.

"What we have crafted is both epic and intimate. The balance of humor, heart and adventure is truly stunning," he says.

For example, Meimei, the baby panda, is depicted as a curious girl. Taotao, the main role in a monkey story, is like a rebellious adolescent.