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Trending across China: A meaty proposal

Updated: 2015-03-31 11:49

Trending across China: A meaty proposal
 Filo photo shows a woman surfing online.[Photo/China Daily]

Disabled woman leaves husband for online lover

A disabled woman left her husband and ran away with a man she met online, reported Anhui Business Daily on Tuesday.

The woman’s husband, surnamed Wang, found his wife disappeared from their home at Hefei, East China’s Anhui province, on March 20. The man said that his wife has been suffering from infantile paralysis since they got married 20 years ago, and the woman had taken to chatting online over the past year, but that didn’t worry Wang.

Wang later learnt from a neighbor that his wife had been taken away by a man she had met on the Internet. The woman told the reporter that she would divorce her husband.

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