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Trending across China: A meaty proposal

Updated: 2015-03-31 11:49
Trending across China: A meaty proposal
Guo Gangtang, whose son went missing 18 years ago, holds a banner with a photo of the child at the age of two, in Liaocheng, East China's Shandong province, on March 29. [Photo/CFP]

Father travels 400,000 km to search for son

Guo Gangtang, from Liaocheng, Shandong province has traveled 400,000km throughout China looking for his child for the past 18 years. His story was adapted into a movie which was released in January.

The two-year-old boy was taken away at the front gate of his house when Guo went to work on Sep 21, 1997.

Guo has made it his mission to help others find their relatives on his journeys as well. It is another way of relieving his pain. In every city he goes to, he puts a string of notices for missing persons on display. In the past 18 years, dozens of missing children and elderly people have been reunited with their families thanks to Guo.

He has not found his son yet. What worries him most is that his old house, where the child went missing, is about to be demolished. When the last trace disappears, he fears that his child will no longer be able to find his way back by memory.

Trending across China: A meaty proposal
Maps of the places that Guo has been to. Guo covered almost all the provinces of China, wearing out ten motorcycles in the past 18 years. [Photo/CFP]

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