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Austere China bans extravagance, bureaucracy

Updated: 2013-01-21 19:41
( chinadaily.com.cn)


Hunan province officials must go deep into the grassroots to understand people better. Inspection tours as a mere formality should be prohibited, and receptions in airports, railway stations and highway exits are prohibited under a list nine rules released in Hunan on Dec 26.

Officials also ordered the number of conferences be decreased and their scale strictly restricted. Trips unrelated to conferences are also prohibited.

The length and amount of official documents published should be cut. Official documents should attach more importance to efficiency and helpful to actually solve problems.

Any official overseas trips without substantial work plans should not be arranged. Trips in the name of conferences, training, and business invitations should be prohibited.

Road blocks should be banned and people's normal work schedule should not be affected when provincial leaders make inspection trips or attend official activities.

The number of reports on provincial leader's conferences should be cut and more focus given to the plight of the people.

Provincial leaders should not undertake any post as a chief editor or consultant of books, films or other video products.

Luxurious official cars are prohibited and domestic brands should be gradually introduced. If current official buildings meet standards, governments should not extend or build new ones.

Violations should be strictly punished.


Fujian province has ordered officials to investigate grassroots areas that have difficulties and complicated situations. Inspection tours as a mere formality should be prohibited. Random inspections are encouraged. Work receptions should be simplified.

The number and scale of conferences and official trips should be decreased. Official trips unrelated to conferences should be axed and officials should take part in less ribbon-cutting and foundation-laying ceremonies. Decorations for meetings should be banned.

Reports on provincial leader's conferences should be cut and more emphasis given to the people.

The main provincial Party leaders should not go overseas on business more than once a year and other leaders no more than once every two years.

Violations should be strictly punished.

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