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Austere China bans extravagance, bureaucracy

Updated: 2013-01-21 19:41
( chinadaily.com.cn)

Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region

Officials in Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region have been ordered to get back to reality in a list of ten rules published on Dec 25, including senior officials holding group meetings every two months to better understand people's needs. .

Standing committee member should conduct a study of grassroots areas no less than 40 days a year and reduce receptions with elaborate banners and flowers.

The number of conferences should be decreased and the quality improved. Competitions for grassroots people should be overhauled.

The number of official documents published should be restricted. Official documents repeating laws and regulations or having no substantial content should not be published.

The number of overseas trips should be restricted and restrained with welcome ceremonies during trips out of Xinjiang banned and the number of accompanying members restricted.

Reports on region leader's conferences and activities should be cut to enhance the connection between regional leaders and the people by using new technologies.

Regional leaders should not publish their own work or speeches except the Party committee's arrangements and should not take honor posts at organizations or magazines.

Waste and extravagance is prohibited. Reception meals should last no more than 45 minutes. Work units should not be treated using public funds.

Members should strictly obey the new rules about work style and living. Official cars should gradually be switched to domestic brands.

Tibet autonomous region

The Tibet autonomous region released ten rules on Dec 5 calling for a better understanding of people's needs and to reduce and simplify official receptions.

The scale and length of conferences should be strictly contained with more work conducted on telephone or video calls.

The length and amount of official documents published should be restricted. Official documents should have substantial content and attach more importance to efficiency.

Public activities unrelated to work should be strictly contained and officials should not participate in premieres, ceremonies, fairs, conferences and similar activities except by arrangement of the region's Party committee or approved by the Standing Committee.

Expenditure on official trips should be controlled and the number of accompanying people restricted. Vehicles should be used in accordance with the rules.

Road restrictions should be reduced and police should not lead motorcades, block roads or clear sites except on important occasions with approval.

Reports on region leader's conferences and activities should be cut and their own work or speeches should not be published.

Waste and extravagance are prohibited and rules on the use of official cars, office buildings, overseas trips and receptions should be strictly implemented.

The rules insist on honesty, self-discipline and calls on officials to take good custody of oneself, family members, colleagues and work.

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