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Subordinates can play key role to prevent power abuses

Updated: 2015-08-24 08:19
(China Daily)

Zhu Jiachen, former secretary of the Party commission for discipline inspection in Zhoukou city, Central China's Henan province, has been sentenced to 18 years in prison and deprived of his political rights for five years, on charges of taking bribes and embezzling public funds. He reportedly obtained illicit wealth worth over six million yuan ($939,628) during his seven-year tenure, at least four million of which were claimed as reimbursements for expenses using fake receipts. Comments:

Zhu's seemingly absurd embezzlement of public funds shows that on the one hand, many local financial authorities are already used to turning a blind eye to such violations of the law and Party discipline, emboldening some corrupt officials to commit bigger crimes. On the other, it also exposes the long absence of supervision and regulatory scrutiny in some local governments.

Xinhua Daily, Aug 17

Apart from the lack of supervision over the use of public power and administrative reimbursement, it is quite risky for people to exercise supervision over their superior. Even if the accountants knew the receipts Zhu used for reimbursement were not eligible, they would have been afraid of being sidelined or even persecuted if they did not accept them.

cnhubei.com, Aug 17

Indeed, this official's appalling misuse of public money has a lot to do with his subordinates, who dared not challenge him and even sought to pander to all his requirements. Hence, to eliminate such "renter-seeking" officials, all Party members have to rise up, resist illegal tacit rules without giving in to pressure from officials above them.

gmw.cn, Aug 16

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